21 Jun 2017

Most times, we catch ourselves caught up in a hectic whirlwind of activities. There is always work at hand to be done or appointments to make and commitments to fulfil. Gradually I find myself neglecting time for leisure, fun, or quality time with my loved ones.

As my sisters are still growing up, I find responsibility in being their role model and making effort to strengthen our bonds. My busy schedule and frequent travelling makes it hard to spend time with my sisters, let alone quality time.

With CATCHPLAY ON DEMAND, we are able to enjoy a cosy night in minus all the hassle of dressing up and getting ready. (Instead, we set up a teepee in the hallway so we could pretend to be glamping hahah) CATCHPLAY is started by movie lovers for movie lovers. Their library is updated weekly, ensuring an extensive range of movies to choose from.

What I like about the site is its hyper categories which makes browsing through its range a breeze! The site also works with AirPlay and Chromecast which means I can choose to watch movies on my TV instead of squeezing around my 13 inch laptop screen. On days I have a full schedule, there is the dedicated CATCHPLAY app – perfect for watching shows on the go.

CATCHPLAY offers two different memberships: free lifetime Movie Fans can enjoy one movie from the curated selection On The House each month, additional rentals cost $3.50 ($6 for newer releases), for just $12.90 a month, Movie Lovers members can get unlimited views from the Movie Lovers Unlimited section plus one latest movie every month!

Not only is CATCHPLAY cheaper than a cinema ticket, I get to enjoy one with my family at any time without leaving the comfort of my home.

All of my followers get to enjoy a complimentary single movie rental when they sign up by the end of July – simply insert [Melmovie] when you check out.

Furthermore, CATCHPLAY is offering a complimentary 2 months Movie Lovers membership to one of my lucky followers! Find out more at @melissackoh.

Let me know what some of your favourite movies are or how you spend quality time with your loved ones! 🙂

Love, Mel

13 Jun 2017

Caring from your hair starts with your daily routine and personal habits- from the way you wash, rinse, condition, all the way to drying and styling. Going that extra mile to care for your hair will really pay off, I promise you.

Here are some off my personal hair care tips that I’ve picked up along the way that I thought you might find useful.

First of all, MAKE TIME. Just like everything you care about, you have to make time for it. Whenever I can, I make it a point to set aside some pampering me-time- like indulging in a hot bath or getting lost in a good book. This is also the best opportunity to soak up in a good hair mask.

To make sure you reap the full benefits of the mask, it is important that you comb through a very generous amount from mid-length to the roots of your hair thoroughly and leave it on for as long as you enjoy soaking in the tub.

Secondly, RINSE OFF. This might be a common advice given to by stylists, that rinsing off a conditioner or hair mask or even your body soap, should be done with cold water. Just like your skin, hot water opens up the pores and rinsing off with cold water helps to close them back. This should be about the best way to end this self retreat, a refreshing splash of cold water or a cold rinse off.

Next, TOWEL DRY your hair adequately before using the hairdryer. Instead of rubbing your hair viciously against the towel, lightly press your wet hair against the towel until it is damp. This step will prevent friction that may cause unnecessary breakages and most of all unwanted frizz and flyways.

If you are using a regular hair dryer, I believe you should wait until your hair is about 65-70% naturally dry before blow drying it. Tugging your wet hair with a high heat dryer might be the worst thing to do to your hair, as the strands are most brittle when wet.

With my Dyson Supersonic however, I realised that it is possible to gently start my blow drying process as soon as I’m done towel-drying. Typically, I’m in a rush and have no time to spare for allowing my hair to naturally dry by itself. A tip here: I use the 60°C Gentle drying heat setting.

Most people underestimate the importance of proper blowdrying. It actually is really important as it leaves your hair with plenty of bounce and luster. Using the low heat and fan speed setting, start with the roots and work your way to the ends. This technique provides smooth cuticle layers, which is the basis for healthy, shiny and well-protected hair.

Don’t forget to add some Argan Oil or Mythic Oil to your damp hair to prevent tangles, knots and protect your hair from the heat.

Once my hair is about 80% dry, I will use the the smoothing nozzle attachment of my Dyson Supersonic blow-dryer to end my blow-out with concentration on my ends. Increasing the heat temperature to the “100°C Fast drying and styling” setting, I’m able to achieve a straight and sleek hair.

2 Jun 2017

This shoot, in collaboration with one of my favourite make up brands, Dior, has been in the making since my trip to Seoul — where I attended the Lip Tattoo Party alongside many other esteemed guests and media friends that flew in from around the region.

Taking inspiration from my surroundings like the beautiful Sakura’s blooming, the sight & sound of Korea’s busy streets, we curated 6 different looks bringing out 6 different sides of me.

I am obsessed with the array of colours from pale nude to berry pink that fulfils my different needs, feelings and mood.

The Natural Nude might be my next favourite after the Natural Berry as it showcases a perfect girl-next-door, easy to wear colour that looks as good as the lips are bare. This is my go-to for any day I want to keep it simple and clean.

I also experimented with other colours like Natural Rosewood for the bad girl look. It was a refreshing play up from my usual girl-next-door vibes but yet the lip tint looks all natural on the lips, just like a tattoo indeed.

Seriously, what’s not to love about the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo? It is so wearable, extremely long lasting (10 hours, test and proven), comfortable on the lips, weightless and best of all, boasting a “no transfer” finish.

Which of the 6 looks that I created do you like the most?

Makeup done by: Han Chew, Pro Team Makeup Artist and Assistant Makeup Training Manager
Photography by Natalie from Love by July