My favourite in Paris

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I’m trying my best to keep a constant flow of updates here so I don’t disappoint when you check back or refresh the page. Thank you for always supporting me here, I want you to know that it does keep me going, no matter how tempted I am to steal a moment for a break.
I’ve a part of me everywhere, and my mind is just filled with an endless amount of thoughts, ideas and directions. Sometimes, I get confused and doubtful, but I quickly get back on my feet and stand my ground. I’ve always had anchors around me to get me back on track. In that way, I always see myself as blessed.

Here’s a long time throwback to my absolutely favourite set in shot in Paris. The photos turned out to be exactly (or maybe better) than what I had envisioned from the start. Of course, nothing would fit this gorgeous backdrop better than a nice flowing pleated midi dress. When I spotted this gem at Dressabelle’s office, I saw myself in it right beside the Eiffel Tower. There, you have it– visions that made it to reality.

Well, right now, I’m just thinking back on my next opportunity to revisit Paris. Maybe if I envision it hard enough, it’ll come true..

Dress by Dressabelle | Heels by Jessica Simpson
Photography by Multifolds Photography


City of Dreams

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New York City really is the city of dreams and each moment was better than the last.

I know how I’ve always been chasing rooftops in New York City because the view never fails to keep me in awe. I was so fortunate to have been working with one of NYC’s most respected photographers, Bruce Getty, who led us up secret passageways to these amazing rooftops that offered an unprecedented view of the city of my dreams. His works never fail to inspire me, and I really admire people like him.

I hope these captures share the little “moment” where I had stood right before the city against a beautiful sunset backdrop, just frozen in silence. For a split second, I almost lost all desire to take any photos because I just wanted to absorb as much of the moment I could while it lasted. But of course, being quite a crazy instagram fanatic, always looking out for insta-worthy shots, I started snapping away with my iPhone.. :)

It was near 12 degrees C that evening, and looking back, I was actually crazy to have been shooting in the cold. There and then, however, I was actually rejoicing that God held the rain kept the temperatures above 10 even as the sun had set. Mentally, I prepared to embrace it and actually more than thankful that it was endurable. Or perhaps, I was too blown away by the view that I forgot about the chills.

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Gown by Oui | Heels by Aldo
Photography by Multifolds