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I’ve been posting quite a bunch of photos on my blog and instagram lately from all my recent trips, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did capturing it! To be honest, I’m still struggling to clear away my backlog but I must admit that it is always such a joy to revisit these photos again. It is surreal but it really does feel like I am able to relive those memories right from the start.

I’m drawn to travelling for different reasons; fashion week, leisure, photoshoots, community work, collaborations, meetings & events or even for self-exploration sake.

This time, while brainstorming the content for today’s post, I decided to share with you guys some unpublished/never-seen-before photos that I’ve not shared on my instagram feed but I feel are definitely worthy of the #travelmadedifferent hashtag! All the above photos have a sentimental meaning attached to it and they each have a story behind.

I’ve been really blessed to have enjoyed so many different travel experiences, from catching the most beautiful sunsets down under, to doing community work in Manilla, to taking a photo at the Southern most point in the America, to snorkelling in the Gulf of Mexico, to letting loose on water trampolines in the middle of the ocean, to enjoying a magical night of fireworks at Disneyland in Florida, to appreciating the fine architectural work at the most breathtaking temples in Bangkok!

I always reminisce on the time when my friends and I missed our flight from Orlando to Key West, Florida. That was the only flight for the day, and our luggages were already on board the plane. We decided to rent a car and do a 7 hour drive instead because we only booked our hotels for 2 nights there. It was undeniably one of the most beautiful road trips I’ve ever taken in my entire life, and also quite an unforgettable one. With the car we rented, we stopped by the Southern most point in USA (as seen in the photo above) and we also made it in time for the water adventures the following day (also as seen in the photo above)! Always thankful that it all worked out in the end.

Such special moments for me, actually come in the most unexpected situations, and these moments tend to make the best memories of each trip.

How about you? Do you too, have a fair share of special travel stories that made your trip turn out differently and are itching to share it? It could be as wild as taking a spontaneous bungee jump in Macau to having exotic street food in Istanbul. Or perhaps it’s just the simple joy of stumbling upon the perfect hipster joint in Madrid.

Whatever it is, do share your Instagram-worthy shots of an unforgettable travel experience as you get to stand a chance to win $4000 worth of shopping vouchers in return all thanks to the @travelmadedifferent team at NTUC Income!
From now till 31st December 2014, 40 @TravelMadeDifferent followers the most amazing ‘Same Same But Different’ (or #SSBD, as we like to call it) travel experiences willl be walking away with $100 worth of shopping vouchers!

All you have to do is,

1) Follow @TravelMadeDifferent on Instagram
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Contest ends 31st December 2014, so make sure you send in your entries before then!
*Make sure your Instagram account is set to allow public viewing. Terms & conditions apply.

Truly, I wholeheartedly believe that it’s not the place you go to, but what you make of it. I’m really excited to view all your amazing travel adventures on the #SSBD feed and I’d be selecting a winner soon out of all entries so do send them in now!

With love,

What’s your view: Colours of Life


I was thrilled to have been elected by SONY as one of their “Key Opinion Leaders”, to be a part of their “What’s your view” campaign. Alongside with a panel of 4 professional photographers and 3 other personalities spanning across South East Asia, we’ve been on board this very exciting project to photograph pictures and share our personal interpretation through our eyes!
The soul of my blog stems from how deeply I love capturing the world through my eyes and how much I love sharing my life through my personal experiences. I’ve always wanted to be the one behind the camera and I’m thankful for this little window of opportunity for me to finally do so.
Here’s my personal insight on the first theme, “Colours of Life”, where I’ve snapped some vivd captures with my new Sony A5100. It was not too much to ask for, because vivid colours and rainbows appeal to me like Nutella on a spoon.

I’ve taken some snaps with my new toy and I’ve shared them on instagram! Catch me there for more real time updates!

To participate in Sony’s “What’s Your View?” campaign and photo contests, kindly hit the links below!
Sony’s Digital Imaging Facebook Page (
Sony “WHAT’S YOUR VIEW?” App Page (

Photos by Me