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Kangaroo Island cannot be adequately summed up in one single blog entry. But when it comes to getting anywhere off the beaten track, like some remote glass house atop a hill with an unassuming view of the ocean, the sun rise, rainbows and unicorns in the sky, wallabies hopping right past your window when you wake up in the morning, or basically, just anything you could have ever imagined in your wildest day dream, I experienced it all.


I found me slapping myself a couple of times to make sure that I was living in reality.

When our driver asked us a couple of times over, “have you seen pictures of the sky house?”, “do you know what you’re in for?”, THAT, itself was reassurance that we were in for a big treat. It really is pretty damn hard to choose one single highlight from my trip in South Australia or let alone, Kangaroo Island, but since I must, I promise that what I share with you guys will be worth every bit of your time so do read on.

Here is the start to my mind-blowing experience with Life Time Private Retreats.




“Well this is perfect”, I said – the minute we stepped out of the car and into the house. I was quivering in so much uncontainable excitement that I did an immediate recce of the entire house from the living room to the fireplace corner, to the kitchen, to the bed room and oh my holy goodness, the bathtub! That bath tub was everything.

Everyone at one point in their lives has probably dreamt of living in a house, on top of a hill, with an unobstructed view of the ocean and horizon. I know I have. And I got to live my dream putting up at the Sky House, one out of 4 luxury accommodations beautifully crafted by 3 generations of the Holden and Hannaford families.

Imagine waking up every morning to the sunlight ray shining through a glass window and warming your face. Opening your eyes to a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, waves majestically crashing against shore and rocks, painted over in warm colours by the sun rising above the horizon.





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Arriving around dinner time on the first day of our stay, we were treated to the warmest of welcomes in the form of home-cooked Asian cuisine personally prepared by Life Time Private Retreats’ owners and the jolliest of hosts, Hannah and Sasha.

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Following Hannah and Sasha’s recommendation, we planned a short stopover at the cliff house, the next day, before setting out to explore Kangaroo Island.

“We insist that you have a look at the Cliff House. It’s our favourite.”

A brief visit turned into a full-fledged photo shoot because of how picturesque the villa was.





Our guide was getting a little nervous and fidgety because we were falling way behind schedule. But seriously. How could we pass up chance to shoot in this nautical-theme dream house.

As part of the retreats’ all-inclusive house and dining package, they arranged a private dining experience at the Shearing Shed. As its name suggests, the Shearing Shed is the Holden family’s 80-year-old sheep shearing shed beautifully refurnished with antique furniture, musical instruments and family relics. Add candle light, a fireplace and Mexican food to the mix and you have the perfect intimate dining experience.



Lavish yet homely. Elegant yet comfortable.

Hannah and Sasha have definitely found the sweet spot in luxury dining and accommodation.



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