Big Hair with L’oreal

Have you wondered how some people look as though they’ve just walked out of a salon every single day?
I don’t know about you guys, but some people I know of enjoy “good hair day” all the time.
I have always wished to be like them so I try to keep a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and easy to style.
Having a good stylist that knows exactly what you’re looking for, and what you want is one thing, and having the right tools and products at home to keep your hair in good shape is another.
I’m so blessed to have been showered with tons of styling products from L’oreal Professionel as well as treatment masks, shampoos and conditioners.
I’m also very honoured to be one of their IT girls this Spring/Summer 2014 together with Singapore’s ANTM, Kyla Tan and media corp artiste, Julie Tan.

I wore the Pink Splashlight!
The visuals and commercials are out in salons and airing on Channel 8 as well. 🙂

Here are some photos behind the scenes of all the preparation that went into making this campaign a success:

I feel that the most gorgeous hair are those that look healthy, bouncy and voluminous.
Regardless of the kinda hair style I am trying to achieve whether straight and sleek, big curls or messy curls, short do’s or medium length styles, I always like it big! I always ask for BIG HAIR. The bigger the better.

Two ways to achieve that which I think work best based on those I’ve explored so far are,
1. Dry Shampoo— I think it really helps to curb oil from producing excessively on the scalp and it prevents the hair at the crown area from looking flat and lifeless. However, I don’t know how feasible it is to be applying dry shampoo too often. I think it’s a good fix on some days, but definitely not a daily remedy.
2. BaByliss Big HairThis has been one of my favourite methods of styling my hair almost daily because it not only serves the purpose of drying my wet ha
ir but it also helps add 30-50% more volume to it than it otherwise would with a regular hair dryer. I have grown to become more familiar with this tool ever since getting it some time back, and I realised that working from my roots (in the opposite direction from the way it grows) really helps me to get the “Big Hair” that I desire.

To achieve the above style, I used a hair curler as well as the BaByliss Big Hair 42mm.
Read my previous review of this product here!
I loved it so much that I’m sharing it again!

I brought this with me on my recent trip to Seoul. In fact, this has gone with me to so many places already. It’s easy to pack and it is of a reasonable weight as well.
Read on to learn how to use this amazing BaByliss Big Hair tool, it’s super easy!

Step 1:
Towel Dry your hair- Towel dry it as much as you can so that the process of drying it with the BaByliss will be a lot shorter.

Step 2:
Section your hair- You can clamp it with a big clip, a fastener or a hair tie. Sectioning will make sure you do not leave out any parts. You definitely would want to work through your entire head. It will help you to work with each part/section more easily and efficiently.

Step 3:
Work through your hair with a manageable section. That’s why Step 2 is important. You definitely want to make sure that heat is distributed evenly to the hair so the curls will stay. 🙂

Step 4:
Start spinning your hair a section at a time. You can refer to my youtube video here on how it’s done!
Note that you should always rotate it in and out instead of pulling the brush while it’s spinning.

Step 5:
Finally, work through the ends again! Curls the ends of your hair inwards up to the mid-section of your hair and hold the brush vertically for a few seconds each time. This will allow the heat to help the curls stay.

Additionally, you can spray on some finishing products to keep it long lasting!

The BaByliss Big Hair 42mm is priced at $159.00. Although it costs more than a regular hair dryer, I think it’s an extremely worthy investment.

Photos by: Multifolds
Sweater: Ladymojo
Location: Big John’s Place, Seoul, Gangnam

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Wishing all of you nice, gorgeous and big hair, every single day!

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