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Kate Spade goes to Morocco


So much love for Kate Spade’s Spring Morocco-infused 2017 collection, which I witnessed against the inspiring setting of a stunning Hammam Spa backdrop in Kuala Lumpur.

I felt like I was teleported to Morocco, with the mosaics, carved cedar woodwork, warm light glowing from copper lanterns, music, belly dancers, fountains and rose petals– it was a sensory overload.

The collection is SO amazing- with a lot of emphasis on textures, beautiful fabrics and very wonderful detailing. I spotted eyelets, appliqué roses, ruffles, tassels, pom poms, intricate beading, feminine ruffles and gorgeous silhouettes that showcased that Lloyd had the New York woman in mind when she was designing this collection.

I was dressed in one of my favourite pieces which was love at first sight. I felt like twirling and dancing around in it all night.

We were also treated to a Hammam Spa the very next day, which was so pampering and such a good way to unwind from this hectic month of travels.

Writing from my apartment in Sydney right now. I promise the next update from me here will be really soon!

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