2 Jan 2012
Best day of 2012. And the first day too.Β 
So it was the best new year’s eve and new year’s ever.
woke up to a very nice breakfast that Jon’s mom, Dorothy prepared for us. I love her cooking so much. She made ravioli on the first night I arrived in Seattle, and it was soooooo yummy, I had the rest of it for breakfast the next morning. I honestly believe with all my heart that she will make it big if she goes to culinary school, and opens a restaurant right smack in the middle of New York City.
We then sat around and opened presents.
Reminded me fondly of last christmas, where we built the little christmas village together, and did a mini gift exchange just like this one. I still use the red sequined coach pouch Dorothy gave me last year. Loveee it.
That was a little gift from my brother for Dorothy. Sweet pea.
I had so many gifts from Dorothy, I didn’t even remember to count.
Omg I’m so into polka dots and prints. Loveee love love all my new pouches. I know exactly what to keep in each of them.
the witch is from Jon and the fairy from me πŸ™‚
Dorothy bought this top for me from Mexico! I love it.
Later in the evening, we met with Ken, Gail and Ken Lee for a nice New Year’s Eve dinner at Toyoda Sushi. The best sushi place in Seattle. I swear, if you ever get there, you MUST try Toyoda Sushi. I will do another review on that place soon. (address/phone number and all included!)
Here are just some pictures to tempt you:
spicy tuna.
fried toufu!
the chef!
went back to Jon’s apartment to countdown into the new year.
So here’s the climax. We stood at his balcony and watched the fireworks together. It was a pretty sight. After which, he called me back and said, “bebe, we are going to Mexico.” I said, “HUH?” and he replied, “yes, we are leaving in 7 hours!” I was still in shock. I asked, “where is mexico?” HAHAHAHA. omg could hardly believe what I heard. Mexico is as exquisite as Santorini or something. A place that I’ve dreamed of as my honeymoon destination.
So true enough, we didn’t sleep the entire night. Packed for our trip and headed straight to the airport. πŸ™‚
We had a layover in LA.
You can probably tell, I was dead beat. Could fall asleep in just a blink. But I was so filled with anticipation and excitement, that really kept me going.
Eyebags as huge as ever.
And that’s the pink polka dotted scarf I got from Dorothy πŸ™‚ Pretttty? πŸ™‚
there was someone waiting at the airport to pick us up.
I was still struggling to believe that all this was happening. So surreal.
As soon as I got out of the plane, I squealed. “It’s warm!”, “The sun!”, “My habitat!”
So if you’re wondering how I actually packed summer clothes and all. Jon told me to prepare stuff for a 3-5 day resort!
This was nothing like what I expected. The place is gorgeous.
This is breathtaking.
and so we were escorted to our room in a golf cart “limousine”! the service in this resort is top-notch.
and this is the view from our balcony.
our bedroom! πŸ™‚
a private dipping pool.
the beautiful sunset.
our day started at around 5 plus, and we were starving so we decided to indulge in a nice dinner.
Walked around the resort a little bit before we decided to eat at the restaurant in the resort.
it was a great view.
perfect weather to be sitting outside
started off with some bread with olive oil and vinegar.
and finally they served our margarita! it was sooo good i swear im never gonna ever order that in Singapore ever again. Just cannot compare.
our appetizer: ceviche!
oh so deliciouso!
our main entrΓ©e. not sure what jon’s one was. mine was a chicken mole. YUMMEHHHH.
I had an amazing time yesterday. Will update again tonight. I’m so excited.
Off to Ixtapa now for some shopping and dinner.
Adios πŸ™‚