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Aravina Estates, what a beauty!


One would not be able to believe that such a visually arresting vineyard could lie among the many vineyards that Margaret River is famed for. Aravina Estate is one-of-a-kind, and James and I were very honoured to be able to be invited for a three-course dinner at such an exquisite location.

Established in 1986, with its original name of Amberley Estate, Aravina Estate is now more than a venue for cultivating high quality grapes to produce some of the finest wines in Western Australia. Having the opportunity to survey the estate grounds, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one could explore and utilize the area in various ways. These included walking through the blooming hydrangea and rose garden, having your kids play freely at the playground, conduct a wine tasting session, indulge in a delectable meal as well as organize a wedding or corporate function.

Wine enthusiasts will love to know that the vineyard produces an array of bottles from Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Shiraz, among others. We were delighted by the samples offered, all while being surrounded by the stunning flora. The owners, Steve and Hayley Tobin, take great pride in promoting an exceptional balance of great tasting food, served with their exquisite wine, and we can certainly attest to that!

With our own wedding coming up, we couldn’t resist sneaking in a couple of photo ops in the estate’s luscious garden. The resulting shots did well to showcase the contrasting wood panels that make up the main building, as well as show off the organic beauty of the land. When it was finally time to sit down for our meal, we learnt that the kitchen is also ace at producing its own products like jams, pastes and olive oils under the label Aravina Cucina. Head chef, Ben Day, utilises fresh produce from local sustainable sources and dresses the final the plate with just the right amount of herbs and spices, without overpowering the senses.

At the end of our visit, we were beyond grateful for having had the chance to witness the immense work that goes behind creating and maintaining such a beautiful estate as well as being able to dine at a scenic venue. I want to return to this place again.

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