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Who would thought of all places I would find one of my dream locations right smack in the heart of Singapore’s Little India. I briefly remember driving past these colourful walls before, and I was quietly dying on the inside with the desire to return back for a shoot someday. Colours always resonate with me. I love colours, vibrant colours, rainbows, and anything that pop or just add a zest to the day.
This beautifully vibrant wall instantly brought this simple romper from Love Bonito to mind. I love the fit and design so much that you might just see me in this very often. Rompers are my often go-to’s for days I get lazy to mix and match. And for such a fabulous piece like that, you can’t expect any less.

Love Bonito just recently celebrated their 5th birthday where they had a panel of inspiring ladies share about life, goals and love. Thank you for offering a piece of yourselves, Rach & Viola, and reaching out to everyone out there the way you do.

Make up by Dior Singapore, Hair by NEXT Salon
Photos by Melvin from Multifolds

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