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12 Last Minute Gift-Ideas for Every Type of Mother


Gifting almost always feels good. It’s especially so at times like these, when you’re cooped up at home for days on end. Just knowing that you can show your love and appreciation with a special gift delivered right to Mom’s doorstep, can do wonders to boost your mood. But some days, days like today, you might feel completely stumped on what she might like for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re with Mom 24/7 or counting down to the 1st of June, when you can finally meet up, here are some gift ideas that are bound to delight, distract and indulge every type of mother out there.  

1. For the one who can’t function without her morning cuppa



Make mornings a whole lot easier with a Nespresso machine. Mom won’t have to fumble through a bag of coffee beans and she can still enjoy her kopi-o, or any other beverage she might fancy. This limited edition set comes with a milk frother, perfect for the mother who likes a generous dollop of creamy milk foam atop her cuppa. 

If Mom’s into coffee for the brewing experience, she’ll love this pour-over bundle. It includes two of Hario’s most iconic brewing gears: the classic white ceramic Hario V60 and Buono kettle, both of which will look amazing on her countertop (in addition to brewing an amazing cup of joe, of course). And that’s not all, the bundle comes with a taster pack of three coffees of different origins, each with different flavour notes. It’s perfect for if Mom’s just starting out on her coffee tasting experience. 

2. For the one who’s up before dawn

She’s out of bed before you even begin to roll out of it. Perhaps she’s even finished her morning exercise routine. You wonder how she does it. After all, waking up before the sun is up can be incredibly dreary. She’s probably used to waking up in darkness by now but you can make her mornings a little more bright and cheery with this alarm clock. It’ll naturally wake her up from her slumber by simulating the warm glow of the morning sun, gradually increasing in intensity 30 minutes before her alarm time. It’s a much more pleasant experience when compared to the deafening shrill of a conventional alarm clock. Mom will wake up energised and ready to for the day ahead. 

3. For the one who treats her plants like her second child

If Mom’s already a pro at nurturing gorgeous greenery, don’t tamper with her babies. Instead, try a beautiful planter pot to complement her hard work. She’ll love having her plants on display, for everyone to admire when the end of circuit-breaker rolls around. This textured concrete piece will suit any home and looks good with or without a plant. 

Or if Mom wouldn’t mind another addition to her plant family, she might enjoy having an Aloe Vera plant in her arsenal. The plant has the health benefit of filtering out nasty pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde, so it not only looks good in her home but also does good for Mom’s health. Bonus: she can also use aloe vera pulp in cooking or to soothe irritated skin and sunburns. 

4. For the mother who wants to get into gardening but has no clue

Mom loves the idea of cooking with freshly picked herbs from her garden, but let’s just say she doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs. She doesn’t HAVE to forego the idea of an herb garden, she just needs to cheat a little with this self-watering garden. This gardening system uses adjustable LED lamps and soil pods to make sure that the herbs continue to grow and remain healthy. Mom won’t even have to lift a finger. 

5. For the skincare junkie 

She spends at least twenty minutes each night on her skincare routine, and knows to only apply face cream in upward strokes to lift her face. Skincare can be very personal, and Mom may not be eager to try a completely new product. Play it on the safe side and gift her with a product she already knows and loves. Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum is a cult-favourite that many are familiar with. It adds moisture and radiance to any skin type, so you’ll be assured that Mom will get some use out of it. The deluxe-sized 75ml bottle is a splurge, but from now until 30 May, two bottles are going for the price of one, making this Mother’s Day the perfect time to stock up Mom’s skincare cupboard. Pair this multi-tasking serum with a jade roller for a mini-facial kit at home! The cooling sensation of the jade against her skin is not only soothing after a long day, the massage will also gently depuff, leaving mom’s skin taut and refreshed. 

6. For the mother who thinks sleeping with your hair wet is an abomination

We’ve all heard it before: “Don’t sleep with your hair wet or you’ll get a migraine.” For the mother who insists on blow drying hair every night before bed, make the chore a little more enjoyable with a hair dryer that cuts drying time by half. This particular one is lightweight – just under 700 grams and can achieve a perfect blowout in fifteen minutes tops. Mom will never complain about wet hair or sore arms from blow drying again. 

7. For the mother who doesn’t want a gift

If Mom insists that she doesn’t need anything for Mother’s Day, why not spread the joy of giving to those who need it? Show that you care by donating to her charity of choice. She’ll appreciate the gesture more than any other gift. Not sure which charity to support? You could consider the SGUnited Buka Puasa which provides daily Buka Puasa meals to the less fortunate, and for health care workers and the families. The Migrants We Care initiative is also a meaningful option to show your support for the people who helped build our nation and help tide them through these tough times. 

8. For the gourmand mother

She’s a foodie through and through, and her television is permanently set to show cooking shows. Send her a package of delectable ingredients for her to recreate a sumptuous dining experience at home. This one from Preludio features a spread of appetizers, a yummy pasta dish and a choice of wagyu beef short rib or marinated slow-roasted Iberico pork. 

Or if Mom’s got a bit of a sweet tooth, sweeten up her Mother’s Day with a chocolate subscription box from Janice Wong. It’ll be a gift that keeps giving, and she can look forward to trying the brand’s new and exclusive treats before anyone else. Mom won’t be able to resist those adorable chocolate crayons or intricate chocolate pralines! 

9. For the AMAZING home cook

She’s always got a spread of your favourite dishes waiting for you for dinner. She’s a culinary expert and can crack an egg with one hand (it’s not easy). Le Creuset’s cookware is a staple in many kitchens, and for good reason. The enamelled cast iron is resistant to scratches and retains heat, perfect for soups, braising and even deep-frying. Not to mention the wide range of colours offered, so you can always get Mom a pot in her favourite colour.

10. For the one who’s always cleaning something 

Her hands must be dry and callused from those harsh detergents and soaps. Protect your mother’s hands with a gentle dish-washing liquid. The plant-based one from Source Wholefoods is free from sulfates and parabens. It’s formulated with pure lemon myrtle oil which is naturally antibacterial, to cut through dirt and grease while providing an uplifting citrus scent. Source Wholefoods lets you bring your own containers to fill, or you could purchase one in-store as well. 

Pair this skin-friendly detergent with a nourishing hand cream to revitalise Mom’s hardworking hands. This one has SPF 40, so she can rest assured that her hands are well-protected from the harmful UV rays. Her hands will stay looking young and smooth for longer. 

11. For the mother who’s always misplacing something

Make her hunt for that television remote a whole lot easier with a lightweight bluetooth tracker. This one comes in the form of a sticker, so it’s easy to attach to remotes, house keys and even spectacles. You’ll never find her fumbling through sofa cushions trying to locate something again. 

12. For the one who hates being cooped up at home

Staying at home can be incredibly boring and sometimes, there really isn’t any show worth watching on television. Entertain Mom with a subscription to one of her favourite magazines. With the right magazine, time will just fly by. Although 8-days and I-weekly have discontinued their print subscriptions, SPH still offers print editions of magazines like Female and Home Decor Singapore. Alternatively, if Mom’s into opinion articles and mind-boggling crossword puzzles, she’ll enjoy a subscription from The New Yorker. 

BONUS: For the friend who’s a new mother

If she’s always armed with a camera in hand to document her baby’s every milestone, she’ll love this linen-covered journal to store the fondest memories of her child. This one is laced with intricate watercolour illustrations and has specific sections to record details like her baby’s first haircut, first birthday and first steps. 

And with a new child, she probably isn’t getting much well-needed rest. Gift her with some heated eye-masks too; she can use it to sneak in some mid-day shuteye. 

Until next time, stay safe! And Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mother-figures out there! 

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