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So we are really down into the last month of 2016.
Every year, I say the same thing– that the year has flashed past in a blink. Indeed, it has.
I can hardly recall the last 11 months off my fingertips but the feeling is a good one. When I reminisce on my travels, the quality time spent with my friends, the heartfelt conversations I had with some, the delicious food I ate, the experiences I’ve encountered, I know it’s all good. Some, just too good to be true and my heart is constantly bursting with gratitude.

I’m feeling rather hyped up to write a post about my 2016 in review, similar to what I did for 2015. But December is always a super crazy month. We are halfway into December and I’m struggling so hard to stay afloat with this insane workload on my plate.

For now, here’s a little peek into my crib and also a peek into my year with some of the best moments and highlights printed on the instax film.

Photographs put a momentarily pause in life. It keeps the moment from running away and it helps me to relive the experiences and recall all the beautiful memories that are attached to it.
I’ve pinned some of my favourite moments on my wall with each picture, a colourful story to tell.

Printing instax prints has got to be one of the best inventions in the history of all instant prints because I get to select the absolute best and most memorable pictures and then have it documented by my bed.
A place where I get to unwind, get inspired and recharge. I specifically wrote “dream” on my wall with fairy lights because I want to always remind myself to be a dreamer — to continue dreaming (whether day or night) and to feel uninhibited with my life and my emotions at large.

All the pictures were printed from my Instax Share SP-2, with the images either downloaded directly from my iPhone or X-A3, the camera that I’ve been using for my recent travels.

When capturing these fleeting yet precious moments, it was so important for me to have a light-weight, high resolution (with clarity details) camera that I can trust. The FUJIFILM X-A3 was my partner-in-crime for my impromptu selfies frenzies (its automatic smile snap function and beauty enhancements mode made taking selfies all the more fun!) and sunset chase downs. What’s more, the wireless transfer and control made posting (almost) live updates on Instagram so easy!

Purchase the X-A3 (XC16-50mm II lens kit) and/or the Instax Share SP-2 at any of their authorised dealers or the FUJIFILM Studio at Suntec City and you can redeem free gifts from the FUJIFILM Studio! Mention and show them this post to get: a 32GB SD card upon purchase of the X-A3, or an additional pack of Instax film when you purchase the SP-2. Promo ends 31 Dec 2016!

Have fun and keep your dreams alive, always!

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