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20 Gifts Dad Didn’t Know He Needed


Finding a guy the perfect gift can be tricky, we don’t want our gift to end up tossed somewhere, unused, or worse – re-gifted to someone else. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, your husband, father-in-law or a father-figure in general, here’s 20 gifts he would definitely use and love. PS: stick till the end for a Father’s Day shopping deal you won’t want to miss. 

  • A blue light filter for his tech gear 
  • We all know how harmful blue-light is for our eyes, skin and sleep cycles. Yet we’re still constantly glued to our screens. Take some time to add a screen protector that blocks out blue-light rays to his laptop, tablet and phone. He might not notice, but his eyes and sleep will thank you for it. 
  • Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds
  • The downside of circuit-breaker ending is the returning sound of construction and bustling streets. Dad will definitely appreciate a good pair of noise-cancelling earbuds. These options from Huawei and Sony are your best bets. They’re wireless, discrete and lightweight, so he won’t be fumbling through a heaping mess of wires on his runs or morning commute.
  • Temperature Controlling Mug
  • If Dad’s a big coffee drinker, he’ll know the horrors of a coffee too hot that it burns his tongue or too cold after being left out for too long. This smart mug from Ember may seem a little extra, but trust me, he’ll quickly turn into convert. It keeps beverages at the perfect temperature and you can even control it with your smartphone. Its sleek design won’t look out of place on his desk either!
  • A Smart Lighting System
  • Can you see where I’m going with this whole tech theme? A smart lighting system may not be the first on Dad’s wish list but I reckon he won’t be able to go back to traditional lighting again.
  • Momax Q.Power UV-Box sanitising box
  • He may make it a point to wash and sanitise his hands regularly, but does he do the same for his phone? Kills two birds with one stone by gifting a wireless charger that also functions as a UV sanitising box for his smartphone. This is one gift we’ll be sure to sneak a use out of too!
  • LARQ Self-Sanitising Water Bottle
  • Does he already own a water bottle? If he doesn’t, he needs one, pronto. LARQ’s self-sanitising water bottle is the perfect option for someone who’s A) a germaphobe or B) too lazy to wash his water bottle daily. This insulated bottle also keeps his beverages ice-cold for a cool 24 hours. Bonus: LARQ offers personalised engraving on their bottles too, so you can add a special message to make this gift even better!
  • Nintendo Switch For Addictive Game Nights
  • If Dad was a big game-cube or pokemon fan in his days, he’ll love a gaming console that hooks up to the TV. It’s a perfect way for him to channel his work frustrations and get a breather!
  • A Fitness Tracker For That Health BuffCounting down to phase two when he can finally get back in shape at the gym? Dad will get lots of use out of a fitness tracker. He’ll be able to monitor his sleep cycle, heart rate and calories burned, so now he knows exactly how much running he needs to work off that indulgent Father’s Day meal. 
  • Sunscreen 
  • If he’s not already a firm-believer in sun protection, he needs to start – now. Supergoop is a foolproof option for a sunscreen that goes on clear and never sticky. Or if he’s one to be ready and out the door in five minutes or less, a sun protection mist will shield him from harmful UV rays on the go. 
  • An Indulgent Body Wash
  • Body washes are a pretty common gift idea, and for good reason. A luxurious body wash is something we might not want to shell out the cash for but it’s definitely a nice treat. Necessaire’s unisex body wash line features aromatherapy scents like eucalyptus and sandalwood, for an ultra soothing shower. For extra special occasions, he’ll love Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino body gel. With a cocktail of citrus, floral and amber notes, he’ll feel like he’s on an idyllic vacation at the Italian Riviera with each shower. 
  • The Perfect Everyday Shampoo
  • The same goes for shampoo. Finding the perfect shampoo for his scalp may just be the last thing on their to-do list. Take the guesswork out of hair-care and gift Dad with heavy-lifting shampoo that protects against hair-fall while gently cleansing the scalp. Clynn By Nature’s shampoo is suitable for daily use and is suitable for all hair-types. It’ll also leave a refreshing citrus scent wafting from his bathroom every time he takes a shower!
  • Philips Series 7000 S7970 Shaver Wet And Dry Electric Shaver
  • We women may not be so familiar with electric shavers but we can tell a good one from a not so good one. This one is fitted with anti-friction rings to minimise irritation and make sure that Dad boasts a nick-free shave with little effort.

  • Foreo Luna for a skin detoxThe Foreo Luna 3 is not just for ladies! This cleansing device is ultra-gentle and removes grime and excess sebum like a dream. Bonus: it can even give Dad a soothing, toning or firming facial massage through the accompanying smartphone app!

  • Shoes He Can Walk A Mile In
  • Here’s an essential that Dad will certainly get some use out of. A pair of espadrilles
    in a neutral hue will match any outfit and make sure that he’s always walking in both style and comfort.
  • A Luxurious Addition to His Wardrobe
  • A nice belt never fails to add more pizazz to an outfit. This genuine leather python belt from Suzette Accessoriesis the perfect finishing touch, and would go great with an all-black work outfit. This belt comes in black, navy and brown too, just in case Dad’s a little more of a minimalist in his wardrobe. 
  • Whiskey Cubes
  • Is he an avid whiskey-collector? For that whiskey-on-the-rocks kinda dad, he’ll definitely appreciate a set of whiskey cubes to keep his tipple cooler for longer. No. more. diluted. drinks. 
  • Le Creuset Wine cooler
  • Maybe he’s a bigger fan of a good shiraz than a scotch. In that case, he’ll get lots of use out of a wine cooler sleeve. It’ll cool his wine in a matter of minutes and stay that way for hours. 
  • Atlas Gin Gift Box
  • Gin-lovers will really enjoy this: a citrus-forward gin with a burst of sweet blossom and savoury botanicals plus a beautiful art-decor inspired martini glass to add to his collection. He’ll definitely want to display this beautiful duo. 
  • A Trinket To Keep On His Desk
  • A literary dad would be tickled to find this plywood Father’s Day postcard
    sitting on his desk. Make this a perfect gift by adding a customised engraved text. Perhaps a quote from his favourite book? Or if you’re feeling extra special, you could try your hand at writing him a short Father’s Day poem too! (Place your by 13th June for delivery just in time for Father’s Day)
  • A Matching Father/Child Shirt Set
  • Maybe he’s a new father that’s jealous of all the matching mother-daughter sets that are readily available in stores. In that case, he’ll be thrilled to receive this printed shirt set from BaeBeeBoo. These soft cotton shirts are breathable and lightweight so he won’t feel like he’s drowning in the heat. And best of all, he’ll never feel like he’s missing out – the unisex design makes sure that he can always be twinning with his kids whether it’s a boy or a girl. 


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