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2018 Reflection and hopes for 2019

Dear, Diary

Hey guys, it’s a week into the brand new year so first of all, Happy 2019 to you and your loved ones!

I was contemplating on whether or not to do a New Year’s Resolutions post but I am quite reflective by nature. So after sitting back and thinking about it, I thought a new year would be an opportune time to take stock off where I am and pin down some hopes, dreams and goals for the upcoming months ahead.

I was just looking back on my 2018 goals blog post to see how much of what I accomplished in 2018.

For sure, 2018 was a year of fulfilment, growth and learnings. Going full steam with my clothing label, runafter, it was surely many ups and downs. There were very trying months where we all pushing our limits and giving our all to make the collection as successful as possible, but yet encounter set backs like sizing issues, or rejected stock or pieces that did not pass our QC. Yet, I am so glad that many of the pieces have made it to your wardrobes and you really enjoy wearing them. Receiving encouraging feedback about the designs have really helped to motivate my team and I to press on and do better in the upcoming collections. I am always grateful for all the support and love you guys show me and runafter. It really means the world to me especially, and my entire team.

In 2018, I ran a 42km marathon and COMPLETED IT. It still blows my mind today that I did so without prior training but it was my sheer determination and willpower that pulled me through. Running through the finish line with James right next to me was definitely a proud moment that I will remember for a long time to come.

In terms of content, I think the year started on a pretty good note with regular content on my YouTube Channel from monthly vlogs to favourites plus additional travel videos and beauty videos injected once in a while. On my blog as well, my team and I have made it a point to plan monthly content although I think we need a lot improvement in terms of execution. The reality is that time is limited and we’re already stretched with client projects that organic content sometimes takes a backseat. I hope to continue being able to prioritise organic content going forward no matter how tough the going gets.

In 2018, we also went full force with our production arm where we took on projects for clients to create content for their socials. I’m very thankful for all the opportunities.

Travels took me to many places this year, from Paris, Florence and Milan to Finland (our first time ever)! We also went back to Bali a couple of times, did a family trip to LA and New York Fashion Week following! We visited Seoul, Dubai, Tokyo, Tanegashima, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido and the Aomori Prefecture. Each trip was memorable in it’s own way and I do treasure every opportunity I get to see the world and be out of my comfort zone.

These are my hopes and dreams for the coming year!

  • > For the best of health for all my loved ones. This would be my BIGGEST AND DEEPEST wish for 2019 and always.
  • > To take time for family time. No matter how busy work gets, prioritise family over all else!
  • > To stop receiving stimulation from social media and the media at large. Re-focus on my ownself. Do nothing, engage in real activities. I strive for the content I produce to be the most reflective of who I am and not what I’m influenced by.
  • > To make healthier choices for myself and my family. While I love indulging in a good hawker feast, or watching stupid YouTube videos before bedtime, I am going to attempt to incorporate healthier routines in my lifestyle— like juicing in the morning, exercising (walks at night or at home) and unwinding and disconnecting before getting to bed.
  • > To give back in more ways than one and to find more meaningful ways to collaborate with social initiatives especially engaging Some Days At Home.
  • >To develop good habits. James’ mantra is that it takes 60 days to form a habit. I am going to identify in my bullet journal certain habits I wish to inculcate in the upcoming 3 months.
  • >To always take “Self Love” and “Self Care” to a whole new level. If you don’t love yourself and treat yourself well, who will? I always believe that our body is a temple of God and we need to treasure it, cherish it and do the best we can for it.

Wishing you the very best in 2019! Keep running after your dreams! 🙂

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