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5 Ways To Style A Scarf


There is no doubt that scarves are an accessory that everyone has in their closets. They can not only be worn in winter to keep warm, but in summer, they are a nice addition that adds pattern, character and style to an outfit. In fact, I take along a scarf with me to keep warm in the chilly malls and protect me from direct sun exposure, dirt and heat when I’m outdoors. There are multiple ways to wear a scarf, and in this post, I’ll be sharing 5 different looks that are suitable for the summer or a hot and humid weather like that of Singapore.

My scarf featured in this post is from Binary Style. I love that their designs showcase catchy patterns and colours with Singapore as an inspiration behind it. Some of the scarves pay tribute to the richness of life, nature, architecture and our heritage. Think: Tiong Bahru district, Bukit Timah forest and Botanic Gardens.

My design is inspired by Singapore’s charming shophouses– a testament of our nation’s multi-culturalism and diverse architectural influences. The shophouses are a picturesque and much beloved feature of the Singaporean urban landscape.



Firstly, the tube top– where you’re literally dressing in a scarf. This look is more daring and can be considered to style with a more dressy bottom like a good pair of wide-legged trousers or even a simple pair of denim shorts (think: beach parties). I decided to go with trousers for a more sophisticated and chic look. If you find it too revealing, simply add on a white blazer and the full white-on-white ensemble with a subtle burst of colour (i.e. the scarf) adds a fun and unique touch. Pair the look with a comfortable pair of mules and you’ll be ready to take on a busy day in absolute comfort and style. To achieve this look, all you need to do is to fold the scarf into a triangle, fold the tip of the triangle in depending on the length of the top you desire and secure it in a huge bow at the back. Remember to double knot it so that it does not come off. 

Double the scarf up as a belt. Treat your scarf like an accessory and free play! This belt makes a casual outfit instantly chic and spices up the look of your simple plain jeans. A style tip: try to match the rest of your accessories with the design/colour palette of the scarf. It helps to tie in the whole outfit together. For example, choose bold statement earrings that have a design/theme similar to that of the scarf. To style the scarf as a waist belt, simply fold the scarf into a triangle, and roll It up (to your designed band width of the belt). You can secure it with a double knot or tie it up into a bow. 
My personal take is that this look goes best with a pair of denims or trousers that come with belt loops so that the scarf-belt can be held secure and in place.

Like mentioned earlier, the scarf not only helps to keep me warm in the cold but also keeps my skin protected from direct sunlight. I love keeping a scarf as a must-have item in my handbag. I draped the scarf over my shoulders to showcase the beautiful design on the scarf. This accessory definitely makes a plain outfit a lot more interesting and can also potentially be a conversation starter. I recommend for you to choose scarf designs that represent your personality and style as it will make styling with the existing pieces in your wardrobe a total breeze. I personally love colours (full solid colours and blocked colours). Hence, I picked a scarf that had a colour palette which really appealed to me and could match a lot of the solid pieces in my wardrobe.

The thick waist belt look is for the bold and stylish. Anyone can pull of a clean, crisp, white oversized boyfriend shirt-dress. It is an instantly chic-outfit, and adding a statement with a scarf takes the outfit to the next level. It only only adds a pop of colour but the cinch in the waist, gives a more appealing silhouette. 

Lastly, wearing the scarf as a hair accessory. A headband is just one way to wear a scarf. It is not just a fun way to accessorise but it is also practical in keeping your hair out of the way. Depending on your scarf colour, design and outfit choice, you can very easily channel a boho-chic or sophisticated look when the scarf is worn on the head.


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