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A Cultural Bridal Journey


Traditional Chinese wedding customs have been around for thousands of years. Although it may vary between time and space, they still hold an important position in the lives of Chinese people as they are a mark of respect to our parents and elder generations.

In celebrating our perfect union with SK Jewellery, James & I embarked on a cultural trip to trace our roots and learn more about Chinese traditional customs and practices.

In traditional Chinese marriages, it is a ceremonial ritual not just between spouses but most of the time between two families. We learnt about various long-standing traditions that are actually quite meaningful in its own regard.

Considered as a foundation of rites in traditional culture, these customs climax on the wedding day where a myriad of formal processions and overly elaborate formalities take place. Some of which, we had the privilege of experiencing first-hand. Here are some of the more memorable ones:

An Chuang (安床)
This is known as the setting up of the matrimonial bed. It is supposed to be conducted during an auspicious date and time. We had a good fortuned lady to recite some well-wishes during this ceremony where she bestowed wishes on us such as “早生贵子”. In addition, we flipped the covers to increase the chances of having a male offspring. We were also served glutinous rice balls as they symbolise a loving and harmonious marriage. The bride’s brother is also tasked to bring oil, delivering family well-wishes.

Shu Tou (梳头)
This is where my “mom” combs my hair while the good fortuned lady recites her well-wishes with each stroke of the comb.

Tea Ceremony & Si Dian Jin (四点金)
Right after serving tea to our parents as a sign of respect to them, the bride receives from her mother-in-law, four pieces of gold jewellery. A gift consisting of a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earrings, to symbolise a prosperous life ahead after marriage. The ones we received were extremely traditional as it came with a peony and phoenix motif. With the peony and phoenix symbolising elegance and grace of a virtuous bride, I believe it is a good momento to keep for future generations to come. Plus, it is a really sweet and heart-warming gesture to welcome the bride into the family.

SK Jewellery recently launched their Xi Fu Collection, showcasing a variety of beautiful 999 Pure Gold intricately carved engravings and exquisite designs that is rich in tradition but tasteful in design for the modern bride that respects the practices and embraces the customs.

Journey with us as we experience first hand, the traditional Chinese wedding customs in Chao Zhou:

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