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A Day In The Life Of Noah


Other than running our business, our lives revolve around Noah Tobias Chen 24/7. I’d say he’s more of our boss than anyone else, but we wouldn’t trade him for the world. Here’s a small snippet of what we do with him on a daily basis. 

Noah’s almost a year old, but it feels like just yesterday that we brought him home. He’s still cute and cheerful as ever, and I love watching his personality develop as he grows. 

Since he’s growing and developing so quickly right now, his schedule changes pretty often. Here’s a rough idea of what we do with him everyday to keep him cheerful and occupied. 

10 : 30 am – Wake Up

Noah’s the best when it comes to mornings – it’s when he’s the most giggly and smiley, and I’m lucky to have a “morning baby” like him. We start off his day with a morning feed to ease him into the speed of things before he officially gets out of bed. 

10.30-11.30AM: Independent Play time

Next comes play time – Noah gets lots of it. Morning playtime is when we mix things up and let him explore and play on his own. It’s great for mental stimulation, and he definitely enjoys it too. 

For an hour before lunch, we let him play by himself in his play yard. He’s great at entertaining himself with the toys and books we give him. I especially love hearing him happily babbling to himself as he plays.

We like to group different categories of his toys (for example,. his dinosaur or safari animal toys) into baskets so that he learns about these broad categories. Keeping toys in baskets and allowing him to “discover” them by pulling the baskets out piques his inquisitive nature.  After play time, we do a quick wipe down with the cleansing water from Dodie on a cotton pad. Although we vacuum and mop the floors of our home on a daily basis, we feel it’s still essential to at least wipe him down after he crawls on the ground so that he is as clean as possible throughout the day. 

11:30 am – Lunch Time

Lunchtime is usually around 11.30am. When it comes to feeding Noah, we’ve practised a mixture of spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning.

I try to cook most of Noah’s meals, and one of our favourites is my Nutritious Fish Porridge. It’s simple and easy, and Noah slurps it up. He also loves the Potato Salmon Patties I make when I have leftover salmon. We let him hold it and feed himself, which is a great way to incorporate sensory play into meal times. The benefits of baby-led weaning are manifold and now that he is on the verge of turning 11 months, we’ve allowed him to hold and feed himself a lot of foods in their solid non-mashed form. 

12:30 pm – Bath Time

Lunch can get a little messy, so after that comes bathtime. It gets really hot in the afternoon as well, so this is the perfect time to freshen him up, lest he gets cranky. 

Dodie’s 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel is our go-to for bathing Noah. It’s soap-free, yet it lathers well to produce enough foam to get rid of any residue from lunch all while softening and soothing the skin. 

Noah thoroughly enjoys being in the water and in his zealousness ends up splashing water everywhere making it inevitable that some of the cleansing gel gets on his face. However, bathtime is an therapeutic activity for both Noah and whoever is bathing him as we don’t have to worry about soup suds hurting his eyes given that the cleansing gel is ophthalmologically tested. 

Toddlers have perfect skin, but we still need to take care of it. I use Dodie’s 3-in-1 Moisturising Cream all over Noah to keep his skin plump and healthy. I love how it’s not sticky at all, absorbs almost instantly, and leaves him smelling better than a newborn. Moisturiser acts as a protective barrier of sorts for kids’ delicate skin, which is why it’s important to start them young. 

I have peace of mind when using Dodie’s products as they are as natural as baby product come, containing up to 98% ingredients from natural origin and are enriched with 100% organic aloe vera, witch hazel water and cotton extract. The products are also very kind on sensitive skin, being dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic! 

After his bath and “skincare routine”, Noah is fresh, clean and soft as he was as a newborn – even though he’s already an 11-month-old big boy! 

1:00 pm – Breastfeed

Post-bath, Noah is relaxed and clean. I would do an afternoon feed and he would latch to sleep.

It really is an incomparable bonding experience for us. It’s our quality time together in the middle of my ever-hectic days, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My half hour spent with Noah in his nursery quietly is easily my favourite part of every day, and I’ll definitely miss it when he’s older. 

1:30PM-2:30PM – Nap

Noah usually naps for about an hour in the afternoon and we use this time to get as much work done without any distraction. If he ends up napping for more than an hour, it’s a big win for us. 

2:30PM-3:30PM – Read a book / Listen to Music

When Noah wakes up from his nap, it is a great time to get him stimulated again. Although he hasn’t started speaking properly yet, we’re familiarising him with words by reading to him daily. This is one of my favourite ways of spending time with him because not only is it beneficial for his development, he seems to really enjoy this activity because of how colourful and interactive his books are and especially when we read to him with much gusto and animation. 

Sometimes we take this time to play him some music as well. Classical is great for stimulating growing brains, but we love playing nursery rhymes and Disney songs to him as well. We are currently using the Alilo Bunny, which is an edu-tainment device that plays nursery rhymes in both English and Mandarin and even has a story telling mode.  Noah’s eyes light up as soon as we turn his Alilo Bunny on. 

3:30 – 4:00 pm – Tea Time

As we are usually introducing new foods into his diet, tea time usually consists of fun little treats for him like fruit and biscuits or bread that he can feed himself. Sneaking in that sensory play again! We have no qualms about allowing him to make a mess. 

To freshen him up after his afternoon snack, we wipe him down with a cotton pad and Dodie’s 3-in-1 Cleansing Water. 

I’ve spoken about this before, and it really is an essential when it comes to caring for Noah. It’s super gentle, non-rinse and 100% fuss-free. All he needs is a few wipes of cleansing water, and he’s squeaky-clean again, no matter how messy tea time gets. It’s hypoallergenic and moisturising too, so I’ve never worried about it irritating his skin, or drying him out. 

4:00 – 5:00 pm – play time

Noah spends late afternoons and evenings playing. Whether it’s goofing around with Daddy, learning about things around the house with Popo or taking photos with Mummy, afternoons are the most exciting time for him. It’s when he gets to break free of his busy schedule, let loose and just have fun! 

Afternoons in the Koh-Chen household are the best, because you can always hear Noah’s laughter echoing throughout the home. I’m always reminded of how lucky I am to have such a beautiful baby boy, and for my job that allows me to have him by my side 24/7. 

After play time, Noah is ready for his second nap of the day. 

6:30 pm – Dinner

Waking up from nap #2, Noah is usually hungry and ready to eat. It is crucial that he has his fill at dinner so he does not wake up in the middle of the night for feeds. 

7:30 pm – Bath Time

I’m sure most of you know how much he loves swimming. Now that his swimming lessons have been put on hold (due to Singapore’s circuit breaker), bath time is all he has left, so we go all-out for his evening bath. It’s when we bring out all his favourite toys and let him splash around as much as he likes. Noah is 100% a water baby, so we allow him the full experience of a bath in the evening. 

He makes a mess and gets the entire bathroom floor wet sometimes, but seeing that cheeky little smile and hearing him squeal gleefully as he makes “tsunamis” in our bathroom is totally worth all the cleaning up. 

8:00 pm – Bedtime Play

Noah’s always game to play, so we let him tire himself out for an hour more before we start putting him to bed. We usually allow him to crawl around freely in his nursery. Again, self-exploratory mode. Sometimes though, he would sit by his desk and flip books. Might be a therapeutic thing for him! I don’t know? 

9:30 pm – Night Snack & Clean

By 9.30PM, we start preparing for bed.  We put him in a fresh diaper for the night, and wipe him down with cleansing water once more before tucking him in for bed. On some occasion, we feed him a little snack (like his favourite biscuit)! 

10:00 pm – Lights out!

It’s not always easy to get Noah to fall asleep as certain nights he seems to apply a “sleep is for the weak” mindset and tries to fight his drowsiness by being constantly in motion. Dimming the lights, giving him lots of hugs and letting him suckle usually does the trick. Some nights involve lots of resistance and crying, but we are adamant that he goes to bed around this time as babies need their beauty sleep. 

You know what’s best for your baby!

Every baby is a gift from God and unique and I am in no way, shape or form saying that Noah’s routine would work for every baby. What’s probably more important than the specifics of a routine is the presence of one. Having a routine helps to ensure that your baby gets ample and a good mix of food, play and sleep on a daily basis. 

I’ve been using Dodie products every since Noah was born and they’ve become such a staple in his day-to-day. They work really well to keep Noah’s skin clean and moisturised.

Hope you guys are keeping occupied too. Stay safe and take care! 

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