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A Lesson in Growing Up

Dear, Diary

What is this unspoken timeline that society has laid on us all about— from getting a job and progressing in your career, to finding the right man by a certain age, to having children, to racking up X amount of savings, to buying a house and owning a car and upgrading that house and upgrading that car.

Has anyone ever made you feel like you have an expiration date? Or have you ever felt pressured by society to behave in a certain way and accomplish certain things by an artificial deadline?

I once allocated “expiry dates” for personal milestones I wanted to achieve in my life. I wanted to be engaged by 28, married by 30, have kids by 35. But now, reflecting on those personal milestones, I’ve chucked them all aside. Throughout my life, I’ve realised that ticking off my “bucket-list” just continues to add pressure and stress, and essentially, it made me realise that life has so much more to that.

I’m getting married next month (way before my “expiry date”) and that’s because I’ve found the perfect one I love and ready to spend the rest of my life with. I live in the present, I am happy and I go with the flow.

In SK-II’s latest campaign and video “The Expiry Date”, it focuses on how women chose to follow their dreams instead of succumbing to the pressure of marriage by a certain age.

Ageing means you’re living, and everyone truly deserves to live a life well-lived.

Remember that you being YOU is your greatest strength. Stop comparing yourself to others as that will make you lose track of your own goals. Happiness is found when you can truly be yourself. Embrace your age and your entire being. Life really isn’t a race and we’re all winning at our own pace. You are beautiful.

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