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Babs’ Skin Journey (documented by James)

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Located right smack in the middle of the CBD, just above Raffles Place MRT, heading to Clifford Clinic was as convenient as it could be, given my hectic work and travel schedules.

Entering the clinic, I could immediately sense an air of professionalism, sophistication and (perhaps most importantly for an aesthetics clinic) cleanliness.


The counter staff and clinic assistants were organized, polite and very friendly. They say first impressions count and my first experience at the clinic definitely set my mind at ease that I and my skin would be in good hands.

The Acne Scar program comprises 3 elements; the Infini Fractional Radiofrequency (Infini) treatment, the Edge Fractional CO2 laser and a curated growth factor serum derived from stem cells. The procedures work together to accelerate skin recovery and jolt skin cells into producing more collagen to restore the depressions in the skin, thus reducing and ultimately removing acne scars.

An added bonus to undergoing Infini is that it lifts the skin, making you look younger and your skin plumper due to the collagen regeneration.

Click here for more info on the treatment!

Fortunately for me, my experience with doctors in general has been very pleasant. Not sure if it’s just me, but I always find doctors to have this calm and friendly demeanour about them. Dr Gerard Ee was no different. He was very warm and welcoming and showed a keen interest (and knowledge) about social media and the work Mel and I do. Consultations felt more like a catch-up session between friends than any thing else.

I’m going to be honest. The procedure itself was painful but not unbearable. Despite the application of numbing cream and general anaesthesia just before the treatment, it still hurt. I guess the old saying of “no pain, no gain” applies to aesthetics as well.

Down-time (red and swollen cheeks) was usually between 3-5 days. The swell subsides within a day or two and the redness progressively got better over the days. By the 5th day, I was back to normal and after a few weeks I could start noticing improvement in my skin quality (i.e. fewer scars with tighter and plumper skin)

Depending on your skin/scar condition, multiple treatments with 3-4 month intervals may be needed. After 2 Infini sessions and 1 Edge Fractional C02 treatment, there has been remarkable improvement to my skin and many of the scars have disappeared.

After my acne-ridden teenage years, I was resigned to having large, permanent scars on my face. I recall meeting Mel’s younger brother for the first time when I was in my teens and he was barely over 6. Him being a kid and brutally honest, asked me why there were so many holes on my face and said that he hope he doesn’t become like me when he grows up. He probably doesn’t remember but I clearly did.

Now, I’m relieved and happy to know that there’s a solution to my scars, through Dr Ee and Clifford Clinic, and that I no longer frighten little boys hoping to maintain their skin.


♥ Babs

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