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Bedside Musings: Live and Let Love


Hello weekend. Here’s a spontaneous, stress-reliving and fun playlist guide that I have put together for your bedside pleasure. Listen to your heart’s content and follow the steps listed in this guide, called “Live and Let Love”. There is nothing more beautiful than letting yourself go on the path of happiness and acceptance with the melody and lyrics. Now proceed on to your well-deserved me-time.


· Call your girlfriends and have a little heart to heart chat

· Take a bubble bath with your best bathbomb

· Light a candle ( your favourite scent)

· Dance like no one is watching in your bedroom (crazy dance, slow waltz, hip hop, there is no prejudice when it comes to dancing)

· Treat yourself to a manicure 

· Make a warm cup of tea (earl grey tea)

· Read a book (The Princess Saves Herself In This One) 

· Mediate for 10 minutes 

· Listen to some good empowering girl podcasts (like Girls Gotta Eat)

· Take a walk at a nearby park

· Buy fresh flowers for your desk (I love peonies)

· Netflix and Chill (FRIENDS, Black Mirror, Isn’t It Romantic)

· Put on some comfy and cute clothes

· Inhale deeply and exhale out all the negative energy (x5)

· A quick karaoke session (sing along!)

· Do a plank 

· Treat yourself to some guilty indulgence (we’d scream for ice cream!)


· The garden

· Your front porch 

· A quaint cafe 

· Your car 

· Camping dates with your girlfriends

· A picnic 

· A beach on a sunny day


· Linguine with prawns

· All sorts of potatoes (but don’t be one)

· Pizza (hawaiian supreme)

· Plain greek yogurt 

· Baked broccoli and cheese



· Avocado milkshake

· Teh Ping Siew Dai

· Watermelon vodka

·  Good o’ plain water

· English breakfast tea 


Restoration, Regeneration, Realization.


· What are you up to?
I was daydreaming until you interrupted me with that question. 

· How should you react when you see your ex with someone new?
Keep your head up high and kiss them both goodbye.

· Who comes to your mind when you see the word, love?
Baby Noah.

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