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A Bosch Cook Off: Team Mel versus Team James


Cooking with your partner, and everything it entails – from grocery shopping, researching on recipes to the actual cooking, adds another dimension to a relationship. It provides another opportunity for the couple to bond. Since moving into our new home, James and I have found such joy in slow-juicing and preparing meals together.

2 weeks back, I partnered with BOSCH to hold a private cook-off event with a select group of my readers, all of whom have either just moved or are going to move into their new homes. It was great for us to be able to meet fellow couples who are going through the same life experiences. We traded tips, insights, experiences and had tons of fun during the cook-off.

 We were split into 2 teams, pitting the men against the ladies. No prizes for guessing who the clear favourites were!

Both teams were given the same 3 recipes to prepare; a flourless chocolate cake, pumpkin mac & cheese and steamed ginger soya chicken with vegetables and rice. The appointed judges would then taste both team’s dishes to decide on a winner.

The teams were given 90 mins to prepare the dishes, so both sides had to make sure they worked together efficiently and knew how to use the appliances correctly. After a quick briefing, all participants raced off to their respective stations to begin the cook-off. James and I were quite impressed at how adept and competitive the participants were in the kitchen (including the guys!).

Both teams submitted their dishes comfortably with time to spare and I must say neither team disappointed as the dishes looked and tasted great! Eventually, the ladies emerged winners by a slim margin of 2 points! Kudos to the guys who debunked the myth that men aren’t as capable in the kitchen.

A less glamorous but important aspect of the culinary process is, of course, the washing up. Thankfully there were dishwashers on hand, which made the clean up hassle-free. Dishwashers are rarely a fixture in asian kitchens but James and I are glad we have one in ours. Contrary to popular belief, dishwashers are actually more eco-friendly (i.e. saves more water) compared to hand-washing dishes. Without doing the actual washing, we’re left with more quality time together after dinner for meaningful conversations or world cup matches.

A huge thank you to the 5 couples who joined us for the cook-off! It was truly an afternoon well spent as both James and I had loads of fun learning and cooking alongside all of you. Hopefully you guys had great takeaways from this day as well!

Also, a big thank you to Bosch for the invitation and being such great hosts!

James and I definitely hope to spend more time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. Comment below to let us know what dishes you’d like us to attempt! We might just do a video or blogpost on how we fare.

#GivingWithBosch: Pledge rice for the­­ needy

For some families, “have you eaten” can be the hardest words to say when there’s no food to put on the table. Through the R.I.C.E. campaign, Bosch is proud to support local charities Willing Hearts, Bo Tien Welfare Services Society and Free Food For All, in pledging rice to their efforts to provide food for the needy.

You can do your part to help these families by adopting a limited edition Have You Eaten laundry basket. In addition, a bag of 5kg rice will be donated to the adopted charities this GSS with purchase of Bosch appliances worth $999, from now till 31 July.

Be part of the cause

Attention: New Home Owners/Owners-to-be 

If you’re in the midst of planning for your new home and would love the opportunity to test use Bosch appliances through an interactive hands-on session at the Experience Centre, you may register your interest here.

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