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The Importance of an Invitation


Is your big day soon approaching? Are you in the midst of planning and beginning to write down your guest list and soon brainstorming on ways to send out your invitations? Most people these days opt to save-the-earth and go paperless with just an online invite.

Here’s sharing with you my own personal experience with this part of my wedding planning and journey.

James and I thought thoroughly about whether we wanted to go paperless or to print physical invites and we ended up doing both. The online invites were a “first layer” invitation where we used to collate the responses of all our family and friends whom we wanted to invite to our wedding. The physical cards were given ONLY to those that RSVP’d “YES” as a form of formal invitation before a wedding and of course, to those that wanted a more physical invite for keepsake, mainly our family, extended family and family friends.
I don’t know about you but receiving a wedding invitation has always been, and still is, such a wonderful and exciting moment for me. I love how each and every invite is so uniquely designed and perfectly encapsulates the couple’s relationship. Receiving an online invite can be quite cool these days, especially from friends of our generation that prefer everything paperless and online. We wanted our online wedding invite to be as thoughtful and pretty as our physical one and we’re so happy to have engaged the help of Bowbei.
A wedding invitation is essentially the wedding couple’s chance to say to their family and friends,
“Hey you. You’re really special to me. And because you’re special to me, I would like you to be present on the more important and magical day of my life. Please turn up!”
I would highly recommend hiring a wedding website designer instead of trying to design an online wedding invitation entirely on your own, because you need to focus on a hundred million other important parts of the wedding planning. I received the best advice possible from a good friend, “outsource whatever you can. You only have 24 hours a day!” It is so true and I am so grateful for her advice.
The team from were the ones that helped me with my own wedding website and I am so ever appreciative for all they’ve done for James and I. They are extremely experienced in their field and I would highly recommend placing your wedding website needs in their very capable hands.
Being able to send our guests a personalised URL like was so much cooler and more meaningful than a generic template address like It made us feel like the website was entirely ours and gave our guests a great impression even before they clicked into the website.
Everyone wants their wedding to be special. I mean who wouldn’t want the most important occasion of their lives to be uniquely theirs?
The Bowbei team, on top of offering us a whole library of website templates and themes to choose from, let us make customisations to our website. We had various options for the header, banner, countdown, profile and even an optional section to include profiles of our bridal party.
For James and I, we decided to showcase a poem written by our friend about “how we met” and also one of my favourite quotes.
Of course, not to mention one of our favourite functions was a count down clock which we utilised constantly during that period to remind ourselves how much time we had left to plan for our wedding.
We started sending out online invitations to our guests about 1 and a half months before the wedding (we have a habit of doing things last minute and wedding planning was no different) which meant that we couldn’t afford to spend a lot of time gathering and collating guest responses.
Thank goodness that Bowbei allowed us to include an online RSVP link which directed our quests to a questionnaire. We were able to collect information like RSVPs, meal preferences and transport requirements and download it into an excel spread sheet.
In addition to this, the Bowbei had the capability of password protecting our website which might that only our cherished guests could get access to the site. Additionally, as you might have known, we had 3 separate wedding events— the church wedding, the luncheon and the dinner banquet.

So for events like the dinner banquet, where we were reaching out to a wider group of friends including our parents’ and extended family, the wedding website had the capability to only showcase that single event we were inviting them for when we shared a specific wedding code. I recall thinking hard about the various codes and we finally came up with EAT PRAY & LOVE. The website was a great way to conveniently collate their RSVPs.

Planning a wedding had it’s ups and downs but it was largely filled with many precious memories. We share dsome of these moments with our guests via online articles that we linked in the website.
This gave us the chance to let our guests experience our wedding journey way before the big day itself.
Other noteworthy features on Bow Bei: 
  • Digital Photo albums
  • Stylish ways to communicate key information like date, time and directions to the venue
  • Guest Book where guest can leave messages for the bride and groom
After the design process is completed, all we had to do was to submit all our information to the Bowbei team who then provided us with an online data submission form. We also shared our gallery of selected photos from our recent pre-wedding shoot in Australia via dropbox. All the work for the couple basically ends there and the Bowbei team works to get the website done and ready for our review.
It was such a fuss-free, seamless and convenient process. The team was really responsive and helpful with all our queries and requests and it was such a joy working with them.
I’d highly recommend that you check them out if you too are looking to build an online site to collate your RSVPs!

And if you’re one of those planning for your big day, I’d like to remind you to enjoy every bit of this journey and my biggest congratulations to you on this milestone of your life!

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