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Being office neighbours with carpenters-cum–designers has its perks as we hopped over one afternoon to attend a workshop where we literally got to try our hands at building a coffee table from scratch!
Here’s a quick summary of the steps we were expertly guided through by our new friends from Triple Eyelid.

Step 1: Sanding

Sanding is the act of smoothening / polishing your raw material (in our case the wood) by abrasion, before you begin any assembly, by rapidly moving / rubbing sandpaper over it. This ensures the wood surface is smooth and free from splinters.

Step 2: Nailing & Assembly (screwing our table legs and table top together)

This step is really quite self-explanatory. What’s useful to note, however, is that the position at which the nail is driven into the wood matters in order to avoid splitting the wood.

Here are some useful tips we picked up:
1. Position the different pieces of wood using glue to avoid misalignment due to accidental shifting
2. Avoid nailing too near the edge of the wooden material
3. Use the smallest diameter nail that will do the job
4. Pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than the nail shank diameter
5. Avoid drilling into any knots in the wood

Step 3: Make sure your work space is reasonably dust free

Before your next step, make sure you clean your workstation to ensure the saw dust and debris don’t get trapped in the finishing you apply.

Step 4: Apply finishing

Applying finishing is ensuring the wood surface is refined and protected from water damage, dirt and stains. The finishing is painted onto the wood using a natural bristle brush.

Step 5: Dry your finishing

Leave your finishing to dry and your good to go! For multiple coatings, dry, sand down, apply finish and repeat till satisfied.

While that is not a usual day in our office, it was certainly a lot of fun! I always deeply admire people who create with their hands and I especially admire their dedication and enterprising spirit to create environmentally sustainable designs.

If you are keen to embrace the concept of reusing waste and upcycling keen to have a hand at building, feel free to check out their workshop here and visit their website to browse some of the beautiful upcycle designs they’ve produced!

On the same note, I cannot wait to do an office reveal in the next couple of weeks as I show you guys the final table and rack that we made, as well as some of the other fixtures and fittings in our space that was produced by Triple Eyelid.

Stay tuned!

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