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Coccinelle Dream

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After returning from New York and Istanbul to Singapore for 2 days, I unpacked and repacked my luggage for a media junket to Milan with
Coccinelle has always been a statement of elegance and glamour even while keeping to simple basic aesthetics with a recognisable style. Entering their showroom during the press day in Milan felt like I entered into a whole new world of fairytales and dreams. I witnessed the most incredible set up and the most beautiful bags from their Spring Summer ’16 collection. Walking in from one room to the next left a different experience altogether, and it left me yearning to get almost every single item off their racks for myself.
I absolutely loved how they innovated their signature shaped bags with a range of amazing textures and designs. Staying true to their tradition of quality leather, plus their close eye for detail, these bags are definitely a keeper.

During my 2-minute interview with fashion TV during the press day, I was asked what feeling good means. To which I answered, “Feeling good is about being able to fully express myself and to be confident and happy with who I am”.

I guess this really sums up my sentiments about how fashion and dressing up is for me and Coccinelle does exactly that.
I attach emotion to what I wear and what I carry and it does speak volumes about my mood. I picked out the Arletty Leather top handle bag from their Fall Winter 15 collection; a classic shaped black design, as it is extremely versatile, roomy and easy to carry.

This trip has been quite a dream come true for me– to be working with an amazing brand on this exclusive collaboration and having the opportunity to expose myself to so many new things, and the chance to meet so many new people.

So please allow me to share this tiny glimpse into this magical world of Coccinnelle, where the colours are vibrant, the mood is always dreamy and the possibilities are never ending. Through my lens, this was a place to fall in love, to dream big and to keep in mind that dressing to feel good is in my soul.

Coccinelle is also available in Singapore at Takashimaya and Tangs @ Tang Plaza.

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