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Co-working Space in Singapore for Creatives

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It’s been 7 months since we moved into our beloved office space and watching it come into shape slowly but surely.

We are located right in the heart of the Peranakan quarters. Originally filled with plantations, which were later replaced with residential houses, the area boasts rich heritage and is an absolute charm. 7 months in, and we are still discovering new things about our ‘hood everyday!

There is so much history in every building and their architecture. No more apt neighbourhood to house a community of creatives.

MOX is a co-working space, with a twist. They focus on creatives – artists, designers, crafters as well as makers – and encourage collaboration and co-creation! More on that in a bit.

Hello, MOX! Each time I go to the studio, I am first greeted by this neon pink sign. You definitely won’t miss it, especially at night!

The first and second floors are mostly retail studios, and these are open to public! I must also add that all our neighbours are so talented! We’ve attended several workshops so far, and the most recent one was with our immediate neighbour Triple Eyelid. Find out what we got down to here.

We also got down to baking once with Cakerholic. Mmmmm cookies and cake.

Cake is life with sprinkles.

There are various workshops monthly and these workshops provide the opportunity to exchange knowledge and promote the discipline of making. From knitting to wood-making, there is something for everyone!

Back to our neighbours… When we need a mid-day perk-me-up, we head downstairs to Choice Cuts. They serve a good cuppa and have the best mushroom and cheese toast. Sometimes we take our work there too. They have a collection of vinyls so if you’re into those records, they’re worth a check out!

Upstairs, there are the workshop spaces and specialty rooms that can be booked for usage! From a photo studio to the sewing room, we’ve had plenty of fun using these spaces to come up with content.

With so much creative juices flowing throughout the compound daily, there needs to be a venue to bring them into life. Named after the anonymous street artist, vandal and activist, the Banksy Art Gallery is open for artists who need a space to display or put on their works.

One level above us is where the co-working space resides. We are a growing team and when our office is teeming with people, some of our team members enjoy making the flexible desk area home instead. It’s also where the real magic happens – you get to meet people from all walks of life and amazingly talented in their own fields.

Colourful lockers for you to store all your necessities. The people at MOX know how cumbersome it is to be bringing your laptop charger and needed stationery everyday.

A multi-function photocopier is available for all your document needs and there is even a phone booth where you can take calls in.

There are also permanent desk areas (which comes at a premium) where you can leave your daily work set up at and do not have to worry about not being able to find a desk. But this worry is really uncalled for, there is plenty of working space all around MOX!

Occasionally when more privacy is required or clients come over, we tuck ourselves away in one of the many meeting rooms that can hold up to 8 people.

The auditorium is where events or bigger meetings can be held. Sssh don’t tell anyone but we sometimes just chill out here and have our casual work discussions.

Wanna Pizza Me?

Every month or so, MOX holds a gathering for all their residents. It’s not compulsory but there’s no better way to socialise than over food (and a few drinks. Oops we didn’t tell you anything!). This month’s a pizza gathering. Drools.

Lunch time comes around, and if we’re not exploring the quaint cafes in the neighbourhood or digging into local delights, you can usually find us mingling with the other creatives in the pantry.

It’s two o’clock and the food coma is hitting you. One little hack to increase productivity: take a power nap. There’s a napping room if you need to catch a shut-eye, but we prefer coffee for now. Perhaps one day we should try the comfy beanbags and hammock in the napping room for ourselves!

We’re constantly thinking of new ways to make our office look better, and before it’s perfect, here’s a sneak peek. It is Run After’s retail space and where my team works on the content you see everyday. An office tour is in tow, I promise!

This was a short introduction to our co-working space and I hope it has inspired you to start on your creative quest. Find out more on their website

If you would like a day pass, head on over to All you have to do is key in your particulars and a community associate will be in touch with you shortly. For a limited time period, use melxmox to get 2 days free pass. Come join me in my co-making journey!

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