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Let’s talk: Creative Wellbeing

Dear, Diary

Well-being is something often sought by just about everyone, because it includes so many positive things — feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful. But what does it actually mean to be “well”? To me, it is experiencing health, happiness and high life satisfaction. To wake up each morning with a sense of meaning and purpose.

In this article, I’d like to share a little about how I recently embarked on a journey to uncover my own creative self, and in turn, build my own overall well-being.

Being in this creative industry for almost 8 years now has taught me so much. I graduated with a business degree and a major in finance but I’ve grown and developed an array of creative skillsets that were different from my original craft- from learning how to brainstorm ideas for campaigns, provide consultancy to new businesses for marketing campaigns, to the technical know-how’s of the adobe softwares and more. My business is growing, expanding and evolving at a pace I almost need to catch up on, but the vigour excites me.
In varying capacities,I’ve always had a constant desire to keep creating. Creativity is the ultimate form of self expression and it is also a medium for which my ideas are taken to life.

My husband, James, shares a similar story and vision. We both always have our “creativity brain” turned “on”, and we especially love how the simplest of things around us can spark creativity. This can sometimes cross the line over to being “burnt out”.

So in writing today’s piece, I am hoping to share this thought that we sometimes need to force ourselves to take a step back. To desire to disconnect as opposed to connect. To revert to a place to recharge instead of run the rat race. It is about taking everything slow, bringing more awareness and appreciation to our surroundings and being okay with no output created from it.

I’ve been taking measures to let my creative well being be taken care of and it is probably the most liberating feeling ever. I hope you can do the same when your body, soul, and mind are calling for it. Because our creative well being is what keeps us creating out of inspiration, not force.

Tell me, what does creative well being mean to you? Have you ever thought of your creative well being? How do you treat it?

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