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Dear Baby (A letter to our unborn son)

Dear, Diary
Dear Baby /Noah 

Your father and I met each other 16 years ago. Best friends turned lovers, we said yes to spending forever together on 12 August 2017. About a year later, in Korea, we found out that we were having you. Knowing that you were coming into this world filled our hearts with so much joy. 

We have no idea what kind of parents we’re going to be but we know for certain that we will shower you with all our love, constantly and unconditionally. We hope that you’ll never be embarrassed by how much we love and adore you. 

Well even if you are, that won’t really stop us. 

We promise that we will protect you, listen to you, respect you and be your strongest supporters.

We promise to be your best friends who will always provide a shoulder to cry on and celebrate, enthusiastically, every single one of your victories, whether big or small. 
We’ll work hard to make sure you lead a comfortable life but teach you gratitude so you will never take that comfort for granted. 
Above all, we hope and pray that you will grow into a fine young man who will allow God to always take the front seat, and that you will allow Him to manifest His plan and purpose in your life. 

Our beautiful baby boy. There’s so much in this world that we want to show you. There are so many discoveries that we want to share with you and adventures that we want to be on as a family, together. 

We’ve yet to meet you but we’ve already love you. See you really soon. 

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