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Debunking Old Wives Tales and Pregnancy Myths


I have heard a lot about old wives’ tales and pregnancy myths ever since getting pregnant because I am just dying to find out the gender of my baby! Some people choose to find out only at birth but James and I have decided to find out whether it will be a little He or She as soon as we can! My friends (and mom too) have shared some myths with me from spinning a ring to my belly shape/size, food cravings and many more, I’m here to debunk some of these myths regarding baby gender prediction and share with you my findings in a YouTube Video😊

Without further ado, let’s bring on the old wives’ tales!

Myth 1: Wedding Ring Test

This test is an old method that has been widely used to test the gender of your baby! This test is easy to do and can be done at the comfort of your home. I did it with James one night and we used a thread to hang my wedding band and dangled over my baby bump. The key thing is to not interfere with the movement of the wedding band! It’s said that if the ring moves in pendulum motion, it indicates that you are having a boy, and if it moves in a circular motion, you are having a girl.

Myth 2: Bump Shape and Size

Apparently it was said that boys are carried low while girls are carried high and wide. The size of the bump is most probably affected by the height and muscle tone of our bodies but for the fun of it, I think that this may be quite true for me. I do feel that my bump is on the low and narrow side! What do you guys think?

Myth 3: Morning Sickness

If you have a lot of morning sickness, you are expecting a girl! I personally feel that this one is definitely a myth and it doesn’t ring true. Morning sickness undeniably cannot prove a baby’s sex and a lot of people I have talked to have experienced morning sickness and felt sick in the morning during their first trimester! This is apparently caused by the heightened levels of HCG in the body.

Myth 4: Food Cravings

Some people believe that abnormal cravings during pregnancy are caused by the sex of the baby! I have heard that if a pregnant woman typically craves for sweet food and on the complete opposite end, if you are craving for salty food you are expecting a boy.

Myth 5: Pregnancy Glow

This one is pretty confusing. In an instagram poll, some people mentioned that a pregnancy glow would mean you’re having a boy because if it were a girl, she’d “steal away your beauty”. Some others said the opposite was true– that a glow would mean a girl and a boy would mean that a breakout will come alongside with it.

I think it is quite hard to tell. Good skincare is everything and I feel like my skin has been pretty good thus far during the pregnancy because I take really good care it (except for when I had a streak of dryness after changing my facewash and moisturiser). I actually recall having a pimple coming back from Korea but I attribute that to climate change and all the korean fried chicken I was eating before that. I also recall going to sleep on the plane without going through my night time skincare routine and I was living on very little sleep for that period of time. I haven’t noticed an overall pattern, so I think this myth is pretty inconclusive. Wondering if other mummies have a similar or different experience? 

Myth 6: Daddy’s Weight Gain

This is a funny myth that I decided to add in just for laugh. If daddy gains weight alongside with you during your pregnancy it means that you are having a baby girl! This is the most ridiculous myth to me because whether the daddy gains weight or not depends entirely on what he eats and how much he burns. Unless it would be correlated with how much I eat? Because when I eat, he eats? Trying so hard to make sense of this.. 

James hasn’t exactly gained might weight since I got pregnant but he’s definitely gained weight since our marriage! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this lighthearted blog post! What do you guys think about pregnancy myths and old wives tales? Let me know!

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