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Theirs wasn’t the conventional place for a lovers’ meeting,
In the church was where they exchanged their introductory greeting,
All of 13 years old, neither knew what they were seeking,
Just that their time together felt very pleasing,
Though in James, the seeds were starting to be sown for a special kind of feeling,
While Mel was in a bubble – he was just a friend, albeit compared to the rest, a bit more intriguing.

Time passed, they grew up, in the same NUS hall they ended up living,
Still not a couple, inside his heart,  James knew his emotions were not fleeting,
They spent so much time together, oh practically the same air they were breathing,
Be it bonding over those late night suppers with their shared passion of eating,
Or the countless hours studying spent on finishing reading after reading,
Joyful moments like Mel taping his whole room lent their bond a playful meaning,
And while not a romantic relationship, their friendship kept on succeeding.

They went their own separate ways for a bit, but James never stopped believing,
And after getting the chance after fourteen long years, his feelings for her came out screaming,
They didn’t need to ‘date’ then, for they knew with full force their bond was proceeding,
And now it is going to culminate naturally in a union worth celebrating.

There has been laughter, though also plenty of weeping,
But their love and faith has never taken a beating,
In tough times, they have prevented each others’ hearts from freezing,
And our wedding was a beautiful event, worth remembering.

Venue: Webarre., Singapore
Photography: Multifolds Photography
Gown: Truly Enamoured 
Makeup: Jyue Huey, The Make Up Room
Florals: Fiona Treadwell 
Stylist: Med kärlek

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