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My style has been evolving over the years and I’d like to think that it has matured over time. Back in the day, I’d use to go for bright colours, prints and over-the-top vintage pieces, I think I’ve tone down a little these days and swayed towards a more moody colour tone and quality pieces that give mileage all year-round.  I think I have a tendency towards pieces that boast a unique fabric- whether it is a unique print, a good knit, suede, silk or velvet, or something a little more three-dimensional and textured.

I’ve always gained fashion inspiration and ideas from a few sources and now that I’m about to shift out of my old place into my new home, I’m reevaluating my closet and putting aside the pieces that I am unlikely to wear again. It is a hard choice because sometimes I find myself looking back into the pile and finding something that I like. Always happens.

After sitting down to make notes of what I like (at this current point in my life), I thought it’d be nice to share with you guys where I go to for my own fashion inspiration. This post is also for myself, if and when ever again, I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and tasked with searching for some new fashion inspiration. I know where I can turn to.


Fashion Week for one, is a good place to start as it is the quickest way to gain insight into what would be the next big trend. I also love observing what people wear to shows. But one thing to keep in mind though, is to always go for outfits that you will wear naturally. They can be trend-led, but they should still speak of your own personality. I always end up with easy to wear pieces that are accessible, comfortable and a key piece that will add value in my closet.
Especially with social media (instagram, especially), it takes no brains to go open the app, search a hashtag like #NYFW or #MFW and explore the content that appears with each. Some fashion bloggers really provide fantastic live updates and if you’re not able to attend the shows, it’s easy to just pop in their live feeds and live vicariously through which. Vogue and Elle magazines are also places to go to for fashion week updates.


On the topic of fashion bloggers, there are so many in the space right now and finding versatile ones or those that represent your style isn’t difficult at all. Reading blogs have been my favourite past-time because I do not just get inspired by their styling and work, but some connect you to brands directly and you can purchase the same item in just a click. See my shoppable feed below or in my home page.
Instagram too, has a way of allowing you to explore new content and discover new people. It is a great place bursting with so much fashion inspiration. I’m sure you guys must be already savvy. You can also head
And my last recommendation or place to go when you’re online, is Bloglovin. Open Bloglovin in your browser and search through the fashion categories. There’ll be a ton of fashion blogs for you to read, apart from mine. If you’re not ready to make purchase, just browse and keep notes of a style you wish to explore, a new handbag design or shoe that you need or even accessorising options you wish to try.


One of my personal favourite things to do is to go on a good shopping spree because nothing is like feeling, touching and trying what you are going to buy before buying them. They say retail is dead but not at all in my mind. I still find so much joy in going shopping with my mom or girlfriends to my favourite boutiques.
Apart from my favourite departmental stores like Tangs, I particularly love shopping at multi-label stores like Moxie, Etikit and Society A. My entire outfit in this post is from Society A, designed by Soulpot Studio. I love multi-label stores for their individual curation of brands and their exceptional service. They pieces you find are exclusive and they allow designers from around the region to be accessible to all.

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