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Glamming Up This Halloween!

So here’s celebrating our first (and probably last) Halloween holiday as a family.
In collaboration with Jyue Huey and Bobby from The Make Up Room, we’ve rounded up a glamourous finish as we’re not fans of the whole gory guts Halloween look. Think: glitter, bronzy shades, flowers, sparkles and pearls. 
This coco-inspired look as it is very easily achievable and so easily put together with outfits you can pull out of your closet. Forget about spending that extra buck on costume rentals outside. 

This gorgeous gown is a piece loaned from Jessica Cindy.
And how cute are the offerings from Mothercare Singapore? We got baby Noah’s onesie from there.

Strapped for time? We hope you find some inspiration here for your Halloween party tonight. 
P.S. these looks were created all in the name of fun!

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