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Food from the Heart at Millenia Walk


When you think of a place to eat in town, would Millenia Walk be at the top of your list? If it isn’t already, I would highly recommend that you add this gastronomy gem to your list.

I’ve recently discovered so many amazing eateries at Millenia Walk that whenever my friends and I are undecided on where to eat, we’ll head over and then decide when we’re there! My fall back places to dine at would be the ones I’m featuring below as they serve really wholesome and healthy meals that remove the guilt of “unhealthy eating” when dining out. On days you find it hard to think about where or what to eat, do refer to some of my highly recommended below and give it a shot. Your body will thank you for feeding it well.

They say that the healthiest way to eat to consume produce closest to the ground, and that is to say, food that is grown and not processed. elemen takes the guess work out of eating, as their food is natural, fresh and best of all gives vegetarians more options than just the rudimentary salad. Personally, I love a good mix in my meals, and with elemen’s extensive menu, there is no worry about having to “eat like a rabbit”!

The menu utilises lesser-used ingredients like burdock and pumpkin, and at the same re-inventing common ingredients to create exciting dishes like homemade Chinese tea tofu and tempura tofu. Even meat lovers will find themselves turning to elemen for a refreshing alternative, as the 5- and 8-course meals is sure to appease even the hungriest of bellies!

Food at Plentyfull prides itself on being preservative-free and prepared with ingredients that are responsibly-sourced globally, so you’ll not only have a balanced meal, but peace of mind knowing that your plate is a result of meticulous attention to providing only the best quality to diners.

The décor suits the restaurant’s goal in creating a restorative space for one to recharge and refuel, and you definitely will, once you have just one bite of the delectable meals they serve. As the ingredients used are seasonal, so is the menu, so you’ll always be pleasantly surprised by what the kitchen creates. Some plates include Miso Gratinated Aubergine, Thai Roasted Chicken with Garlic & Cilantro and Maple & Bacon Brussel Sprouts. Don’t forget to leave room for their highly-rated dessert trolley, that will make you wish you had the appetite to try every single one!

The wave of poke bowls isn’t ceasing any time soon, and Poke Doke’s (pronounced ‘po-kay dokay’) entrance only means more reason to eat healthy and heartily! Expect huge chunks of raw fish seasoned without stripping too much flavour, allowing the seafood’s natural sweetness to shine through. You have the option of ordering their pre-picked poke sets or getting creative with the plethora of ingredients available to them.

I love the fact that you can introduce interesting textures to your poke bowls by adding nuts, fish roe or even crispy fish skin! What’s great is that their dressings are all made in-house, so you’re guaranteed that what you’re feeding your body is not just healthy, but fresh and unprocessed. I really love how clean this is but yet greatly satisfying.

I know that Singapore’s health food scene is getting a little saturated, but Tokyo Chopped Salad is making waves by being the first chopped salad brand on our sunny island! By featuring Japanese-inspired dressings, specially crafted by award-winning Chef Teppei Yamashita, these salads are anything but ordinary. The thing about chopped salads that I love the most is the absence of mess that commonly occurs when you try to bite into leafy vegetables, as well as the even mixture of salad dressing that coats the entire bowl.

Trust the Japanese to include premium ingredient choices to their salads like ikura and scallops. There is no going back to regular green bowls after you’ve tried one of these.

Most people have heard of Korean bimbimbap, but have you heard of gimbap? I’d like to think of it as Korean’s version of sushi, stuffed with loads of vegetables and meat, and seasoned with sesame oil. What makes House of Gimbap stand out is that they serve premium versions of this Korean favourite; less rice and more vegetables and meat, making it a great healthy meal even when you’re on-the-go!

Meals start from as low as $9.50, and are packed with flavour like their Spicy Pork Gimbap, filled with grilled Canadian pork in spicy Korean chilli sauce, chives, fragrant perilla leaf and vegetables. If you prefer, they also serve rice bowls ranging from the crowd favourite Beef Bulgogi to a spicy Kimchi Bulgogi Dupbap to the more refined Watercress Bimbimbap. The best part is that, their healthy offerings even extend to their drink menu, which offers Bosung Organic Green Tea, Buckwheat Tea and Esel Tea.

Every good restaurant has a story to tell, from the way the food is meticulously prepared to the actual sourcing of its ingredients. For SBCD Korean Tofu House, a recent new addition to Millenia Walk, its starring dish – soontofu soup – tells that story. Its silky, delicate tofu is hand-made in-house daily, from specially imported soy beans from Paju, South Korea. The rich 10-ingredient dadaegi broth which is simmered to perfection, features four varying levels of broth spiciness, namely mild, medium, spicy and crazy hot.

But if their main ingredient is tofu, how filling can it be, you ask? Well, it very well can! I, for one, must have a fulfilling meal, and I can personally vouch that SBCD Korean Tofu House will satisfy even the nastiest hunger pangs! You can choose meat options like raw flower crab meat, BBQ pork, chicken teriyaki and spicy octopus to go with your combo meals, and their soontofu bowls have even more variety with abalone, oyster, fishcakes and dumplings. I was simply spoilt for choice when I glanced over at their mains options that I couldn’t decide what to try first! For something really unique, try their Pork Belly Tofu Kimchi – I guarantee you won’t find something like that anywhere else!

This is my absolute favourite comfort food, any time, any day!

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