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Sometimes, all we need is a breather from the hustle and bustle of that crazy city life. I too, get so caught up with the overwhelming amounts of work that I neglect rest. I must admit that it has gone to a point where I feel guilty for even taking a break or going to sleep at a good time.

The charm of the countryside cannot exactly be put to words. Honestly, there’s hardly anything to do, except for perhaps, farm visits, a dip in the pool, a game of tennis or just doing nothing, but that’s the beauty of it all. The calm, quiet and collected nature of the place was perfect for that rejuvenating getaway that we were hoping for. The lack of wifi forced us to embrace every single second of what we were experiencing and to recollect ourselves and live in the moment.

The house we lived in was quaint and rustic but yet modern, clean and incredibly homely. It came with full shower facilities, a very comfortable bed, a dining table and even a cosy loft with mattresses. The best part of it might possibly be the very delicious meals at Garden Bistro where only fine ingredients are used in the kitchen as they pride themselves in supporting local farms in the vicinity where ingrediently are freshly produced.

We had a selection of a variety of farm fresh salads to delectable mains like Fish & Chips, Seafood Pasta, Char-grilled Ribeye. My personal favourite though, is their local delights. I promise you that the Traditional Mee Goreng Pasta and Ribeye Hor Fun will not disappoint.

This staycation at Gardenasia was very timely because I think both James and I just needed that few hours in the day to completely disconnect and unwind, something that sounds so easy but yet we hardly have the luxury of, given the nature of our work. I hope that we will have more time away like such in future, just the two of us, without a single care in the world and enjoy each other’s company and the complete nothingness that surrounds it. So so perfect.

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