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Gender Reveal Party


So I’m finally breaking the news: We are having a baby BOY!!!

Sorry for sharing this with you guys a little late. I’m in my third trimester now and about to pop in 2.5 months!

We actually found out about two months back but we wanted to keep it private for a while longer so we could just celebrate it with our closest friends and family first. I know all my dear friends have been dying to break the news too, to whoever that’s been asking them if they know the gender of my baby.

I recently did a video and an article about some old wives tales to test and see how accurate the myths were. In my opinion, the most legit “myth” would be the baby’s heart beat as it actually did point towards it being a BOY. The rest of the myths are for your own judgement. I was shocked at how so many people around me were so confident that I was having a baby boy by just looking at my face, my neck, my nose and my belly! Still not sure how that works! Maybe I’ll get a better sensing when and if I have baby #2?

We planned an intimate gender reveal party just consisting our immediate and extended family members, my bride squad, my team and a couple of my closest friends. I’m so glad it happened because it was such a memorable and fun experience!

As per our usual style, we were pretty last minute in the planning but thank goodness we pulled it off eventually. I managed to find a location (bigger than my home) to house everyone, got my wedding caterer, Megu Weddings, on board to help us out with the catering and styling! They did such a superbly amazing job! I basically told them the theme I wanted, the colour palette I wanted to go for and I left everything in their very capable hands.

They planned a local menu for us with their top favourites like the kueh pie tie and the braised duck! To top it off, they put together an amazing dessert table according to my “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are” theme.

To add to the fun, we also organised a few activities. We had a little display of our baby’s ultrasound at the registration table, alongside baby photos of James and I.

My brother painted a tree bark for our family and friends to stick their thumb print (in pink or blue) depending on their guess of the gender.

We also had a “GUESS THE BIRTH DATE” betting game. It cost $1 to place a bet and the winner or winner(s) will get all the money in the pot if little baby babs actually arrives on that very particular day.

We also designated a wall for everyone to paste their name suggestions on! We had in mind a few baby names but we were yet to settle on one, so we asked our family and friends to help contribute some ideas!

I was brainstorming some ideas about the way I wanted the reveal to be as it would not only be a surprise for everyone at the party but to James and I as well. We told our sonographer to keep the gender a secret from us and put the information in an envelop which we would then pass directly to the confetti shop guy.  We actually had our eyes shut when she scanned over our baby’s private parts. We also had our friend, Trina, to get on the call with our clinic directly to reveal the gender to her so she could prepare the balloons from Looney Bloons. 
We thought the balloon would be the most exciting way to find out the gender and we bought extra confetti just for fun sake! 
Our friends and family came dressed in their guess — pink OR blue. Although some of them cheated by wearing BOTH!

There was so much anxiety leading up to our gender reveal party, not just for all our closed ones, but especially for James and I. My heart was actually racing so hard moments before James popped the balloon! I couldn’t be happier to welcome our little baby boy into the family. He’s already so so loved!

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  1. Rachel Pang
    29 Mar 2019 @ 7:47 pm

    Hi Mel,

    A big big congrats to you and James! Been following you for years now.. can’t believe i’ve followed you through your courtship, marriage and now motherhood.

    I pray that God continue to watch over you in your pregnancy and that you will have a smooth delivery when the time comes! Can’t wait to meet Baby Babs ❤️❤️❤️

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