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Hair Update!

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Realised that it has been at least 6 months since a last proper update about my hair.
My last post was actually in September last year! Looking back on it, my hair has gotten a lot more dry and brittle because of all the dyeing, perming and bleaching I’ve done ever since.
Honestly, for the amount of ill-treating I do to my hair, I think it is considerably in pretty tip top condition. Each encounter I have with a hair stylist when I meet at photoshoots, they tell me that my hair is quite bad but not that bad. My retort is that it looks way better than it feels. Trust me, I know how my hair feels best.
But nonetheless, I always cling on to the silver lining that it hasn’t reached to the stage of hopelessness beyond repair.
This month, after re-colouring it to a darker shade, and doing the newest treatment from my sponsored hair salon, Shunji Matsuo @ 313, my hair feels so much better and more manageable.

Please don’t cringe at these photos of my faded away bleached pink hair. They used to look really bright and happy but it was a really long period of time that I didn’t touch up the colour and left it to degrade to this embarrassing state.

Honestly, at some point, I liked the gradient from pink to blonde and it seemed to match quite perfectly with my brown base all over. But “bad hair days” were literally bad hair days. It was so bad that I couldn’t really bare to look at my hair. I would just tie it up in a bun and not have myself deal with it at all.

In addition to colouring my hair to a darker shade or brown, I did a 5 step treatment from Sheseido Professional, which was highly recommended by my trusty stylist, Jerry.
Unlike the usual hair treatments, this involve a “Surface Peeling” step (Step 0) where all obstructive elements attached to the hair surface is removed.
I believe this really allowed my hair to absorb the wonderful ingredients that was applied to it later on.

Also synonymously known as a “Hair Detox” (Step 1), all the Calcium Ion pile ups within the hair, is first removed and re-absorption is prevented from taking place.
Following this step, the texture of my hair is transformed (Step 2) by restoring my silky smooth hair with restoring agents.
This step was extremely beneficial for my dry, rough, tangled and damaged hair.

Finally, repair agents are injected into the hair (Step 3) before a Triple Layer Micro-coat is applied on (Step 4). The last step helps to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment and protects hair from sebum, water and friction.

Thank you Jerry, for always making me love my hair even when I find it so hard to.
I was super excited right after experiencing it that I shared it with my dayre friends on that app immediately.

Screen shot from dayre:

Quite a few of you have left a comment/email to ask the price!
It is between $128-$190 depending on your hair length. Before 10% discount! (:

Shunji Matsuo @ 313
Stylist: Jerry
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313 @somerset, Singapore 238895
Tel: 6238 0226

Have a fabulous week ahead guys!

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