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Support Local Hawker Stalls & Satisfy Your Cravings While You Stay Home


The ‘Circuit Breaker’ is definitely necessary for now, but it sure is a bummer. I can’t say that I love staying at home 24/7, even if it does mean I get to spend more time with my family. I’m sure most of you guys are feeling the same, especially if you’re still getting used to working from home and dealing with your kids’ online learning. 

I’m definitely guilty of relying on food for comfort at times like now, but even supper at my favourite coffee shop isn’t  possible since dining out is banned. 

On the bright side, I can still have my favourite hawker fare, just that I’ll be enjoying it at home. Lots of hawker stalls are doing deliveries now that they’re seeing smaller crowds, so why not support them a few times a week by ordering in? Good food is a great way to keep your spirits up, and buying from hawker stalls helps keep them running too. 

Here are just a few that I’ve found that look interesting. Scroll down for some meal inspiration! 

Cheok Kee Boneless Duck Braised Rice

Cheok Kee Boneless Duck Braised Rice is famous for its hearty porridge and generous portions of duck sauce. Lots of its customers claim that the porridge and duck rice tastes just as good, or even better after dabaoing it, so this is definitely worth a try. 

They have islandwide delivery on the Lalamove app for now, but are coming to GrabFood very soon.


If you’re craving something sweet, try BakesnBites from Old Airport Road. They have yummy-looking muffins and chiffon cakes, as well as brownies, butter cake and even shepherd’s pie if you feel like having something more savoury. 

They’re open for takeaways, but also do deliveries. Just give them a call to arrange for yours. Discounts are available for orders above $10 too, so you could stock up for the week and save a little money too. 

You can reach them at 83154134 or 8818 1319. 

Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice @ Far East Plaza

This family-run chicken rice shop at Far East Plaza has been in the business for almost 37 years! With their central location, they have islandwide deliveries at a flat rate of $10, and have special discounts for this period too. 

Chicken rice with a braised egg $5

Half chicken with 2 packet of rice $20

Whole chicken with 4 packet of rice $38

We definitely trust established businesses like this one for our chicken rice fix. After all, it’s nice to give new stalls and styles of cooking a try every one in a while. 

You can call them or Whatsapp them to pre-order, or through Deliveroo instead. All of their delivery payments will be handled via PayNow. 

WhatsApp: 97951123
Landline: 67340639

大姐Food Menu

This 60+ year old Malaysian auntie sells finger foods and sharing platters to nightlife spots. We chanced upon her independent business on Facebook, and her cooking looks amazing. 

Her style of cooking definitely leans towards the homey and comforting side – perfect for days at home with the family, 

Now that all bars and watering holes are closed, her sole source of income is compromised so we especially think she deserves support. 

She currently delivers to Jalan Sultan, Jalan Besar, Chinatown, Balestier, Geylang, but you can probably call to ask if you’re centrally-located as well. 

You can reach her at 93820108 for orders and enquiries.

Beng Who Cooks

You’ve probably heard of the Beng Who Cares Foundation by now – this is the hawker stall behind that. 

The two young hawkers behind the stall, Jason Chua and Hung Zhen Long, started the Beng Who Cares Foundation,  pledging to provide the needy with meals if they just placed their orders with them via Instagram direct messaging (DM) the previous day, before 7pm. 

They told Channel NewsAsia that they’re not accepting donations, so you can show your support for their cause instead by ordering their set meals, which they deliver islandwide. 

Aromatic Chicken/Fish Rice Set: $6

Stir-fry Soba with Tofu Set: $6

Aromatic beef stew Rice set: $7

Delivery is a flat rate of $8, but it’s free for orders $60 and over. 

Orders can be made via Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp. They accept only PayNow and Paylah!. 

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is a classic Singapore dish. A plate of piping hot coconut rice with sambal never fails to hit the spot, and I’m sure many of us will end up craving it sometime this month. 

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak is Halal-certified, and has a variety of nasi lemak sets that they’ll deliver straight to your home, as long as you live in Singapore, of course. 

Order by 11.30pm, and you can have it between 8am-12pm the following day, just in time for breakfast, lunch, or brunch! 

Just WhatsApp them at 87529411 to place your orders. 

Dolphin Tavern Peranakan Food

Peranakan fare is one of my personal favourites, but it’s a hassle to cook and generally expensive if you eat out. We feel that Dolphin Tavern’s ‘Circuit Breaker’ menu is actually pretty affordable and sounds amazing too. 

They have classic dishes like chap cai and ayam buak keluak, but have some interesting offerings like Crispy Charcoal Fish Finger as well, so you won’t get bored with food during your month at home. 

Prices start from $30.80 nett for a set for 2-3 pax, and go up to $70.80 nett for 6-7 pax. At about $10-12 per head, that’s not bad at all if you feel like ordering in for the entire family. 

They have discounts for those who order on consecutive days too! Just ring them up at 91855582 to place your orders. 

Metta Cafe

Metta Cafe by Metta Welfare Association employs and trains special needs youths to work purposefully and help them achieve independence. Not only are they doing something good, but they make lots of good food too. 

Poke bowls, prata and curry, thunder tea rice and eggless cakes and desserts are just some of the goodies they have to offer. They’re giving out complimentary ice cream with lunch and dinner orders too. 

Metta Cafe is easily accessible on GrabFood and Foodpanda, so let’s give them the support they need, especially in this difficult time. 

Check out their Facebook for more details, as well as their full menu. 

Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wanton Mee

There’s no doubt that this wanton mee stall is famous – it’s literally in it’s name, and it’s on the Michelin Guide’s website.

It didn’t manage to grab a Michelin star or achieve Bib Gourmand status, but it has captured the hearts of many with its shallot bits and pork lard cracklings that make every bite of the bouncy egg noodles so darn good. 

As its regulars say, it’s perfect every time, and now you can get perfection delivered right to your doorstep with the help of GrabFood and Deliveroo. 

Landline: +65 9620 1543

Lagoon Chicken Curry Puff

Lagoon Chicken Curry Puff is right next to Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck Rice which we mentioned earlier, and it’s available for delivery too! 

Uncle Chhua is 70-odd-years-old, but he still hand-makes the curry puffs all by himself. The crispy, flaky curry puffs are made fresh, daily, and are known to be stuffed full of tender, flavourful curry chicken that’s just the perfect amount of spicy. 

He doesn’t use any preservatives either, and makes sure to use the best quality ingredients because he’s just that proud of his work – and for very good reason. Uncle Chhua’s curry puffs have been featured in just about every curry puff guide in Singapore. Deliveries are only available for bigger orders or group orders, so you’ll have to call them at 97814865 to check. If you don’t have anyone to tongpang your order, just up your order and freeze the curry puffs so you’ll have a stash that’ll last you up til April 7.

Lu Heng Kee Hokkien Mee

Lu Heng Kee Hokkien Mee isn’t as famous as other Hokkien Mee stalls with snaking queues, but its loyal patrons will vouch for and tell you that their Hokkien Mee and carrot cake are to die for. 

I haven’t personally tried it, but judging from their pictures, their carrot cake definitely looks promising. 

You can see for yourself whether this stall deserves more hype by ordering from them on GrabFood and Foodpanda. 


Istimewa Nasi Padang

This nasi padang stall is an icon in Bukit Merah, but now you can partake in their sumptuous rendang and curry offerings too with their islandwide delivery. 

Manned by Mr Kamarolzaman and Mdm Hasni, Istimewa Nasi Padang has been operating for over 30 years and is known for its ayam goreng istemiwa, sotong sambal and for their dishes selling out before you reach the front of the queue. They’re just that good. 

Now that they’re delivering, you don’t have to chiong for the last scoop of rendang, you can just get it delivered to your home via their website here

They have sets big enough for 2 people, as well as buffet spreads for 30, but we suggest saving the latter for when social gatherings with more than 10 participants are allowed again. 

They deliver ISLANDWIDE! You can find out more on their website:
Landline: 94246884
Feel free to call or whatssap them! 

Credits to @singaporeliciouz for the image! 

Buta Kin 豚金

Nestled high up in Beauty World Food Centre, Buta Kin is known for its affordable ramen and rich tonkotsu broth. They have a wide range of offerings, from black garlic to spicy vegetable ramen, and they even have Japanese curry rice too. 

Though they’re only available on Foodpanda at the moment, it looks like they’re looking into expanding their delivery area soon, so the non-Westies will have to wait this one out, but it’s definitely worth a try if they deliver to you. 


Ji Xiang Seafood  

This zichar stall run by Uncle Albert was featured by @madcravingssg. Watch their video of him manning the kitchen alone – it’s seriously impressive! 

They’re offering meal sets now with some of their signature dishes like their Beef Hor Fun and Fried Bee Hoon, for just $40. The 2 set options are enough to feed 4, and at $10 per head it’s relatively affordable, especially with their free delivery to most of Singapore.

You can contact them at 81135122 to order. Payments are strictly via PayNow. 

Lao Yao Yao Mi Xian 

This stall is the definition of ‘hidden gem’. It serves up a unique rendition of chu mi fen or thick beehoon that we’ve never seen anywhere else, and it definitely deserves more recognition for its culinary genius. 

Lao Yao Yao Mi Xian’s comforting bowls of beehoon soaked in silky, comforting soup are unlike any others we’ve tried before. Their mala soup definitely packs a punch – especially if you request for extra chili oil – while their sauerkraut soup boasts a delicate fermented flavour.

You don’t have to worry about the noodles bloating either. They’re packed separately from the soup so they’re still springy with every mouthful. 

I’ve had this a few times, both at Bendemeer Ville and delivered home, and somehow it always tastes better when I get it sent to me. The portions are huge too, so it’s perfect for sharing. 

You can order from them on Foodpanda or GrabFood. 

New Station Snack Bar

Yet another tucked-away treasure in Far East Plaza, New Station Snack Bar is run by a couple who’s been in the F&B industry for 26 years. 

They specialise in Salted Egg Pork Ribs, but their other dishes are definitely worth a try too. Get a load of this amazing spread of dishes! 

They have a minimum order of $33-45, depending on your location, but that just means you have an excuse to order more dishes and try more yummy things. Those chicken wings are definitely calling out to me right now. 

Call them at 67342862 to place your order. They have a flat $5 delivery fee, which isn’t bad at all if you’re meeting the minimum order. 

Check out their website here too for their full menu. 


Yue Lai Xiang 

This noodle stall located at Sin Ming Road has been featured by multiple newspapers and media outlets. It’s known for its handmade noodles that come in a variety of traditional flavours with a twist; like pumpkin, beetroot and butterfly pea. 

A bowl of colourful mee hoon kueh topped off with rich and tasty pork bone broth is the perfect meal for a cozy day of working at home. They’re available on GrabFood. 

Check out their Facebook page for more details here


Try new stalls and support hawkers this ‘Circuit Breaker’

Your favourite bak chor mee or nasi padang may not be on this list, but it’s always worth trying something new. Who knows, you may just find your new ride-or-die hawker centre meal here. 

That said, the Internet is always at your disposal, so do a quick Google search for whether your favourite hawker stall is delivering to you, or check out Miss Tam Chiak’s compilation for other options. Facebook groups like Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 are a great way of sourcing for new stalls to try out too. 

Buying from hawker stalls now is important because for many of these uncles and aunties, it’s their entire livelihood. Small independent businesses like theirs are definitely taking a hit now that fewer people are out and about, so let’s do what we can to help them out by ordering food just a few times a week. 

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