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I’m feeling a tad bit nostalgic and sentimental as I prepare for this post. Here might be your first but also our final look at our home office– a space that we’ve grown to love (and pretty much, hate) and spent a lot of time in, over the course of the year living here. 
Our house has three bedrooms — aside from our master bedroom, we converted one room to be my walk in closet and the smallest room of the house to be our work station. We had always planned for this room to be a baby nursery but didn’t expect this conversion of space to be so soon. 
Here is one final look at our home office before we start shifting everything out to make space for the little one’s arrival. 

We wanted to create a space where we felt inspired to plan projects in, house all of our favorite books, magazines shoot props, incoming parcels and camera gadgets. We opted for open shelvings as we loved having all these items exposed to us. For the more important documents and files, we bought baskets and boxes to organise them in. I also re-purposed some of the beautiful boxes that I received from brands to store my knick knacks like my collection of magnets from my travels, photography films that I’ve taken and cards that I keep from my friends. 

We got our work desks from Commune from the exact same “Bruno Collection” as the rest of our furniture pieces in the living and dining room. I love that it is side by side it looks perfectly symmetrical next to each other. We placed both desks against the wall so James and I could not only get to work next to each other but also have our own little “wall of fame” for our momentos and pictures, magazine clippings and inspirations. Working in a creative field always motivates me to keep my work space as fresh and creativity-inducing as possible. 
Just for fun: We each keep our own little “living cactus” and we’re in a mini competition to see whose plant will outlive the other. 

We kept in mind these central themes when planning our home office — (1) Modern (2) Neutral and (3) Organised.
We wanted a space where it was easy to maintain, a good tie in with the overall theme and feel our of home, sleek, clean, neat and most definitely, organised. More than how it looked aesthetically, we wanted it to be highly functional and an area where we could be as productive and tuned in as possible. The luxe swivel chairs were bought from Ikea and the additional white shelvings we installed were also got from there. 

Not pictured in this blog post is a corner of the room where we would stuff all my online/offline shopping plus incoming deliveries and parcels from brands, which we made a point to clear the area on a weekly basis so it wouldn’t get out of hand. 
As that area is right next to the window, I also used it to create a lot of my flatlay and unboxing content. 

While I’m really excited to start moving everything out of here to make space for my baby nursery, I will definitely miss the many late night’s we’ve had in this room, the huge shoot operations that’ve caused us to overturn the space upside down, the little heart-to-heart talks between James and I, and a whole ton of other wonderful moments that we’ll always remember this space by. 

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