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Trying This Will Save You So Much Time

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The world wide web is an amazing vortex. You can find all kinds of services online now, from shopping for groceries to buying the latest clothes and shoes, bringing you convenience and saving you time all at a finger’s click.

Returning from every trip, the first thing we want to do is always to get a shower and jump straight into bed and catch up on some Zs. But constantly at the back of our minds are the pile of clothes sitting in our massive luggages and waiting for their own shower too. Yes we always have a crazy load of laundry to do after every trip. Especially during the winter season, when it’s all about the layers. The weather is so temperamental in Singapore and I’m sure many of you would have encountered this situation before – when it starts to rain just as your washing machine beeps to tell you that your clothes are ready to be hanged. Time is already scarce as it is, and we have to hit the ground running as soon as we get back. So in order to effectively maximise our time in between trips and not be scrambling to get chores done, we turned to using Honestbee’s laundry services.

What we liked about Honestbee is the islandwide pick up and delivery service. We usually only send James’ suits to the laundromat for dry cleaning and it gets pretty inconvenient at times when we have to travel specially just to drop off or collect the suits. With scheduled pick up, gone are the days where we have to set aside time for travelling to and fro the laundromat’s. What more, their turnaround time was just 2 days. This is probably the quickest in the market and just what we need for our tight schedules.

Some of my dresses have embellishments on them but I didn’t have to worry at all as we could input special handling instructions for our apparels while making a booking on their mobile app. They were meticulously packed, all freshly cleaned and well pressed, when they were delivered back to us.

The price list of each laundry service is transparently listed and it was to our surprise very affordable and competitive. Also, they launder just about everything! Even the pesky items like sofa covers and floor mats which take forever to dry unless by a stroke of luck, the sun is out shining and the clouds do not rain on your parade. For a small sum in exchange for convenience and the amazing service received, I would recommend everyone to try out Honestbee Laundry!

We have yet to send other items such as our sheets and curtains for cleaning but when holiday and spring cleaning season comes around, I’m sure we will be turning more to Honestbee for our laundry needs so we can spend more time with our families and friends ❤

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