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How My Dogs Changed My Life


Everyday is National Pet Day for me and my furry babies at home.

You will know how big your heart can get only once you own a dog. I’ve had Tinkerbell since she was 3 months old (coming to 8 years now) and Paris since birth (now turning 4). They have certainly and most definitely changed my understanding and perspective of love. They’ve taught me more than I can ever ask or hope for and have shown me the true meaning of unconditional love.

Today being National Pet Day, I just wanted to dedicate a post with some of my best and favourite memories of my two little fur balls. They’ve been with me through break ups and heart aches, through the happiest and most joyful days of my life and through all the mini ups and downs of my every day. They’re always at the door jumping to welcome me home every single time I walk in. They cover my face in kisses and slobber at the ring of every alarm clock in the morning and my best companion at every other moment I spend at home.

They’ve impacted me in more ways than one, but here’s a pitiful attempt of mine to summarise it as best as I possibly can:

01. Happiness

I am truly the happiest when I am with them. They force me to stay present. They make me focus on the here and now and they fill my heart with an unexplainable joy.

02. Bring Closeness

These two pooches is not only the “bonding factor” amongst my family and friends but also always unintentionally the center of attention. With James and I, we’ve planned activities not just for ourselves but we’ve taken our little babies into consideration. We spend quality time taking them for walks, picnics and dates. They’re so much a part of our lives.

03. Best Life Companions

Tinkerbell and Paris are my mood boosters. At our lowest point in life, they were my focus and channel of energy. I had a constant in my life where I could turn to for a listening ear, a hug and a cuddle.

Dogs are so fun-loving and wonderful. However, they are also a huge responsibility and a life-long commitment. If you’re not already one, I hope you get to experience being a pet-owner some day and truly understand how something so little can take such a big place in your heart.

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