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The Tux Look

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What I love most about this classic pair of Tuxedo Pants is that you can get really innovative with it. While experimenting different styles, I turned to the very relatable and ready-to-wear look by simply putting it together with a white blouse.

Just last night, I was trying to put together some outfits for an upcoming fashion week which I may potentially be attending (next month) and I thought to myself: “What better way to stand out in a sea of fit and flare frocks and long flowing glamorous gowns, than to throw the crowd a curve ball like that?”
After some deliberation, I’ve rounded up some rule of thumbs for myself which I thought I should share with you on how to borrow looks from the boys and step out in suits that look always perfectly tailored and well, just stylish.

1. Keep it fitted
The tuxedo trend is all very simply about embracing tailored looks so don’t go too baggy! Having it well-fit is key, that’s why this pair of slim cut trousers really make this look work!

2. Pair it up
What I love about tuxedo pants is that you can either go for the all-out tuxedo look or stick to separates like what I did above. Aside from a classic tuxedo blazer, I’m thinking light chiffon tops, a satin blouse and a chunk of layered necklaces.

3. Go Tall or Go home
Wear heels and embrace height– I don’t think there’s any more perfect opportunity for tall tall heels other than this. When I first picked this up at DSB‘s concept store, I said, I need high high heels! Try on a pair of almond toe or pointed pump stiletto’s for the timeless look, or a strappy chunky wedge heel for more modern vibes.

4. Monochrome/Neutrals
Tuxedos tend to look extra sleek when worn in a monochrome colour palette. Black on black is definitely foolproof but if you’re feeling adventurous a white on white tuxedo can look fresh and stylish. Going against convention of a black on black or white on white look, I opted for a tone of neutrals.

Do you have any other styling options you would like to share with me on how you would ride on the tuxedo trend?

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Photography by Multifolds.

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