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Keeping The Romance Alive

With the latest and most wonderful inclusion to our family, a.k.a Noah Tobias Chen, we have to admit keeping the romance alive in our relationship has become something that we now consciously work on. “You & Me” time, once in abundance, is now scarce and so we’ve had to find time-efficient and flexible ways to keep the romance going! 
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you guys a few tips on how to keep the romance alive. (Applicable for couples who aren’t parents too!). Some of these tips are what we’ve tried out and found helpful and others are advice that we’ve read about.
That being said, James and I don’t claim to be love-gurus or to have it all figured out when it comes to our relationship. Like all couples, it will always be a work-in-progress.  
But what we feel is most important is the consensus to work on it together and the process of figuring it out as a team. 
So here goes! 6 time-efficient and flexible ways to keep the romance alive. 
Pamper one another
What better way to show your partner that you love him/ her than treating them to a spa right in the comfort of your own home! In terms of love languages, a home-spa is an act of service, a gift, quality time and physical touch all in one. 

They say different individuals have different love languages but I for one appreciate acts of love in all forms. 

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On the same note of breaking the monotony, spontaneity is a great way to keep the romance alive. That impromptu pillow fight or dance(-off) to our favourite bruno mars tune, basically injecting that bit of irregularity, cheekiness and the spirit of “f it let’s just do it” in a relationship keeps things interesting and those butterflies in the stomach.    

With respect to the person that said that they pick consistency over that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling. Don’t sell yourself short, you can strive for both. 

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Share a common hobby 

Sharing a hobby with a loved one creates the opportunity to bond, share a common goal and collaborate. All wonderful things that help keep the romance alive. James and I share a common love for photography and more specifically photographing our baby boy. I know it isn’t exactly you-me time because we’re both focused on the task rather than each other but it definitely draws us closer together.

Unplug to Connect
Our lives have become so intertwined with apps, social media and technology as a whole that we some times forget good ol’ human-to-human interaction and the benefits and (dare I say) magic that comes with it. 
Put those phones down, unplug, and connect. Engage in an uninhibited conversation with your loved one, free from distraction from email pings and social media notifications. 
When we unplug, the world slows down and we’re able to focus on what our partner is communicating and his/ her body language. We learn more about each other, and are more likely to move into deeper conversations (no pressure if you don’t! light-hearted dialogue is great too). 

Try just 15 minutes a day and see how things pan out! A great time to set aside could be at the end on the day. Leave your phone at it’s charging station and find out how your partner’s day went! Even though you both may have spent the entire day in each other’s company, checking in on the other’s thoughts and feelings can be very fruitful. 


Surprise Gifts
Consistency, devotion and loyalty are admirable traits in a partner. But who are we kidding. Everyone loves a good surprise. That initial shock followed by a warm feeling knowing that your partner went through the trouble and did this for you is the kind of emotional roller coaster we all don’t mind sitting on again and again. 

The surprise could be in the form a gift, a surprise date set up or a heart-felt note left somewhere around the home. 

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Schedule an In-home date
Dates are the most fun when both individuals are feeling at ease, comfortable and undistracted.  Occasionally opting for the stay-home-no make-up-comfy-home-clothes option can be a breath of fresh air. Doing away with having to dress up, make up and find / book a venue only means that you have more time for each other!  
Don’t get me wrong. Dressing up and going on a fancy dinner date is right up my alley! But staying home can be a great way to change things up and who says you can’t be fancy at home. James and I love to sit down and share a pot of TWG tea during our in-home dates! If that isn’t fancy, I don’t know what is. 

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