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By invite only

By Invite Only is a local jewellery label, founded by Trixie Khong, for the urban sophisticated woman, who’s constantly looking for some whimsy in life. You find adapted textures like crystals, precious gem stones, trinkets and rocks that create a beautiful, sometimes fun and mostly rustic vibe to the pieces. No two pieces are the same, simply because of how each stone is unique to itself.
I am always on the look out for one-of-a-kind pieces that are exclusive in it’s own way and just simply special, to me. I’ve found it here at: By Invite Only.
Each and every single design which you see in my photos (and on By Invite Only’s website) are tastefully designed by Trixie. Not exactly trend led, but boasting a distinct style that wearable and true to the brand. What gets me really excited about the constant new style drops is that once I fall in love with a particular style line, all the updated styles in that line are added almost immediately to my wish list. It is so easy to identify with the styles that suit me, and the new designs added in that line always leaves me in a painful dilemma.

Most of what you see above are from her Nature/Nurture series, which I was privileged to get a close preview of, at her recent event/tie-up with Common Man Coffee Roasters. Together with my little sister, whom tagged along with me for this event, we both enjoyed an evening of jewellery indulgence and coffee tasting.

As shared by By Invite Only about the inspiration behind this collection: “Life like a crystal”– shaped by the environment and elements that it comes across. It is almost like a parallel reflection of how my sister and I, even though born in the same family, have very different personalities, different tastes and our own distinct style. I truly believe that every person’s individuality should be celebrated, and this is what makes the world such a beautiful place.

Most of the pieces from this style line are extremely easy to wear and effortlessly chic, timeless and beautiful. It is difficult to pick out individual pieces as my favourites because I’m just so in love with almost everything but here’s a shy attempt to do so. Click here, here, here and here.

The name ‘By Invite Only’ thus symbolises a circus not cut out for the masses but for those special few who values passion, hard work and exclusivity in their jewellery. I hope you find your unique identity, celebrate it, live it and enjoy it to the fullest!

Photos by Natalie from Multifolds

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