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Recently teamed up with Shu Uemura to support their “Gift a Kiss” campaign.
I felt very passionate about this as they were collaborating with “Beautiful People” this Christmas to help underprivileged families.

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Beautiful People was started in 2006 as a programme of Beyond Social Services to help disadvantaged females and youth walk through key life transitions as a family so that they develop a positive self-image and a sense of belonging as valued members of our community. This organisation comprises of a group of close-knitted Big Sisters (volunteers) helping disadvantaged Little Sisters to discover their untapped potential.

Sharing a similar deep rooted belief that “every girl has a dream” and that “every dream should be pursued”, I wanted to play a part in inspiring other girls to live a life of dignity and respect. I wish to be a spark of courage and a source of motivation for girls to pursue their dreams despite any initial obstacles faced in life.

“Beautiful People” organises programmes such as “Good Work!”, a work-based mentoring programme to bring together companies, schools and volunteers in working with youths to discover the meaning of work.
They also offer an intensive mentoring programme called “My Beautiful Life” that aims to equip Little Sisters with life skills and relationships to help them find their life direction. In addition, Little Sisters and Big Sisters team up and pay if forward through community services to spread love from Singapore by partnering with orphanages in Batam.

Here’s the first snippet of an editorial piece which I executed with my own blood sister, to create a dreamy and inspirational set of photos, expressing the unspoken joys of sisterhood.

I know my little sister, Kit Mun, has always been eyeing my dressing table– filled with make up and beauty products. This could not have been a better bonding opportunity for us, as I dolled up her and made her feel pretty for this shoot.

Find out how you can also support this cause in my subsequent posts.

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