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NYFW was absolutely intense but yet an incredibly beautiful experience, especially journeying with Polo Ralph Lauren from beginning (my arrival) to the end (my departure). This was my first fitting amongst all the shows that I was attending, and I must say that I was absolutely blown away by it all. Housing the very famous Polo Bar and the Polo Cafe, it just left me secretly wishing for a 6 hour fitting slot and 48 hours a day so that I could fully enjoy the entire store to my heart’s content. It got even better when I unexpectedly bumped into Zanita in the fitting room, after having parted ways since our recent Istanbul trip.

After flooding my fitting room with a mountain high pile of clothes, I narrowed down to two final outfits.

I matched a mini flare skirt with a white comfy blouson for the Polo Presentation; threw on a tweed tie which I borrowed from the boys, and topped off the look with a brown hat to complement the tones and to incorporate some country girl vibes in this downtown city chic look.

Another look which was a true love at first sight for me was this gorgeous plaid maxi dress. The fabric was absolutely stunning and I was just looking forward to swishing around with it as I prance around the streets of New York City (which I did, as you can tell from the pictures that Della so beautifully captured). I threw over an earthy toned tweed blazer and a cross body just to add a more “downtown girl” edge to the overall look and of course, to shield me from the cold.

New York has been and always will be my most favourite city in the world. I love how Polo Ralph Lauren translates so well through their brand and style- energetic, eclectic and a subtly romantic bohemian. I draw so much inspiration from this city, in the same way I do when I dress up with brands that I truly love, like this one.

Thank you so much, Ralph Lauren Team, for dressing me up, hosting me at the Polo Bar, showing me such a fun time at the rooftop presentation and having me at the amazing Ralph Lauren show! It was definitely one of the more significant memories I have in my last New York trip.

Looking forward to The First Anniversary of Polo Ralph Lauren Flagship Store in Singapore tomorrow evening!

Photographs by Myself and Della Bass

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  1. Kangkan Rabha
    14 Oct 2015 @ 8:01 pm

    Beautiful photos and looking beautiful as always. ­čÖé


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