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Our Church Wedding: A Blessed Union


Everyone’s heard of pre-wedding jitters. On the most important day of your life, during which you promise to love someone unconditionally for the rest of your life, it’s not surprising that one would feel at least some mix of nerves and excitement.

However, on our wedding day, exactly one year ago, I recall there was a sense of calm and quiet rather than anxiety that engulfed my being. I wasn’t sure that all preparations were in place, given how last minute we were, but it didn’t matter at all to me. I’ve never felt more sure of a decision in my entire life.

We are so blessed to have the help of so many of our dear friends and family, who were ever so ready to lend their hand in any way possible. Practically everything was taken care of– from my cousins who chauffeured James to church, to James’ cousins who were car attendants in the car park, to my beloved CLVC family and VOX who started mic tests and rehearsals as soon as the church doors were opened, to my other cousins who helped out at the reception, my bridesmaids who were helping with crowd control and helping to get the flower boys and girls ready. The little ones came early to have Macdonald’s for breakfast and were dressed in their own tiny tuxedos and dresses. They looked absolutely adorable.
Our guests start streaming in and the church area starting getting busier. We had a coffee counter outside the church just in case they needed that morning caffeine boost.
The choir and string quartet played a short prelude of 3 songs to get everyone in the church into a prayerful mood. The atmosphere, according to family and friends who were inside the church, was absolutely beautiful.
Behind the scenes, our stylist, Phillane and florist was doing the set up while our wedding planners Clare, Ben and their team were busy making sure everything was on schedule.

I hardly knew anything of what was happening out of the car. I sat inside together with my brother, who accompanied me throughout the entire time. I had to be “hidden” from James as he wanted the first look to be of me walking down the church aisle.

James and his groomsmen did a walk-in during the prelude to the tune of Canon in D, accompanied by the string quartet. They lined up in front of the altar in anticipation. In James’ words, “Everything was happening in slow motion.” The pictures of his widest grins proves it all.

I’m sure there were a million and one things happening but he was probably in his own bubble of bliss. Flash backs of our fondest memories ran through our minds and we were feeling such great excitement because this church wedding marked the beginning of a lifetime of such memories.

The ceremonial bells rang and the church doors swung open. I could see my close friends and family with bright and wide smiles on their faces as I marched towards the alter to the song “When God Made you”, sung by our dearest and closest of friends, Mona and Stephen. The song spoke straight to my heart.

It meant the world to us to have friends and family gathered on our big day to celebrate and pray together.
The church wedding was the most momentous and important occasion amongst the many other celebration we had, as it officially and religiously marks the beginning of our journey as husband and wife.

As Catholics, the sacrament of matrimony (a.k.a marriage) is a promise not just between man and women, but also between God and the couple. A divine commitment to be an earthly representation of God’s love for his church. In short, our marriage to each other is beyond legal obligations but spiritual.

To every single person that made this day possible and so extremely special for James and I. Thank you, from the bottom most of our hearts. We have the most precious memories to keep from here on, and we always look back on that wonderful morning with a big smile on our faces. Our journey has only just begun…

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  1. Varuna Jithesh
    23 Aug 2018 @ 5:17 pm

    Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

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