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Merry Christmas

Dear, Diary

Hi loves, Christmas is finally HERE and I had the most meaningful Christmas over the festivities and celebrations with my family and friends.

The lead up to Christmas is always the most hectic and crazy. Our workloads are usually piled to the brim with many impending deadlines to meet but as soon as the clock strikes twelve, all is forgotten and our minds are only focused on ONE thing– “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”

It means so much to me that James and I are spending our FIRST Christmas as a married couple, celebrating in our FIRST new home together. Every Christmas is pretty much the same for us since young- carolling sessions, church, scrambling to buy presents at the last minute and house parties but these seemingly routine-like activities always fill my heart with an unspeakable joy.

I am so happy to welcome the season with new milestones. We hosted our first ever Christmas Party in the office for my followers/insta-fam last week and I am so thankful that I got to meet some of you beautiful souls in person.

For the rest of us connecting just online, I’m sending you all my love, well-wishes and blessings!

Have the Merriest of Christmas with you and your loved ones!

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