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The Art of Embracing Nostalgia

Dear, Diary

Setting off on a journey back in time.



/nəˈstældʒə/ , /nɑˈstældʒə/

a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition;

A journey like no other.

Nostalgia is always hitting that replay button. I ask myself, does being a nostalgic person stop me from moving on or is it just a recollection of sentiments that I yearn to experience all over again? It could be a memory that splashes across my mind or the repetition of that familiar and yet beautiful feeling that flutters my heart.  Is this after all, a feeling of unsettlement and restlessness? An unwillingness to let go and move on? Probably not. 

I love reflecting on past experiences. There is no qualifying pre-requisite for nostalgia; it is merely an appreciation of a memory, a reminiscing and reflection of a significant and possibly life-chaning event; and perhaps a method we use for ourselves to grow, love and appreciate. 

We live in a world of constant change. Permanence is a far-fetched concept and time is merely a societal perception. While we look back on the past, there are still many things in the future we look forward to. The new experiences we’ll have, the new adventures we’ll be on, the nice places we’ll visit and travel to, the new lessons learnt, mistakes made, and friendships forged. 

The gift lies in learning to embrace nostalgia constructively. Gratitude is a huge part of this embracement. Living with an attitude filled with gratitude makes you accept the present with a full heart and be open to what is to come in future. It makes life a tad bit sweeter and the days a way bit short and but a whole load more meaningful. 

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