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My 2018 Goals

Dear, Diary


Where should I begin? If you had caught a glimpse of my 2017’s Reflections Post, you’ll know just how much has happened in 2017, and what a momentous year it was for me. My biggest takeaway from the year is that I’ve learnt the importance of self belief, gained a lot more confidence in myself and have been forged from the flames of survival and strength.

I’ve learnt the only person I am destined to become is the person I decide to be, so here’s my take on making 2018 meaningful and I’ll be sharing with you guys my personal and professional goals for the year.


I’ve always had the dream to make runafter a brand from me to you. A brand that you can not only turn to when you need fashion help, when you need to look or feel better, when you need a wardrobe revamp, but also a brand you can speak to, relate to and feel like it was created just for you- for that momentous occasion in your life; your graduation, your birthday party, your best friend’s wedding; or outfits you need for your summer holiday, for your honeymoon or your first ever family trip; a new outfit for work to kick away those Monday blues.
runafter has always been very close my heart, and I think 2018 will be an opportune time to relaunch the brand. We have big plans and we have been working very hard to bring them to life. More to share soon!


I think this is going to be my mantra for the year. In the past, I feel like I was often very outcome or goal-oriented. While it may be a good thing, a lot of time and things sometimes get lost in translation. In fact, things usually get pushed aside or procrastinated.
I think a large part of this has got to do with fear- fear of failure or fear of an undesirable outcome. But you know, if you never try, you never know. I’ve learnt in 2017 that most worries never come true but only exist in the mind.
A first step to proving my point is me giving a YES to my attendance for the upcoming TOKYO MARATHON. Please do not fall off your chair or trip while you’re reading this. I am not a runner but yes, I am going to attempt running a 42KM marathon. I’ve only done a 21KM before (many years ago) and I literally, died.
It might sound a little crazy and out of my league, but you know what- if I never try, I never know. I am going to do my best with the little time and capacity I have from now until the marathon (in Feb) and I’ll make the most out of it. I may or may not finish it, but the effort is all worth the while. Remember, STOP CHASING OUTCOMES so this might be a damn good start.


I am person that loves challenges and a fast paced environment. I know I often take on more than I can handle because that busy-ness drives me. I have built a life where I do things that I love. I wake up every day feeling so empowered, so alive, so excited. While I’m enjoying the chase, it is my goal to understand that fine line between what’s truly exciting and borderline stressful. This year, I will care more deeply about the things I do/have- from the content I produce, to the friends and family I love, to the life I live. I will not let anything go sub-standard because I’m late nor let a moment fly by because I have no time to fully indulge in it. I will wake up with enough time to prepare breakfast and go to bed remembering to read my books and say my prayers. I will show up for every event, every party, every meeting that matters to me because I want to be there. I will be fully present in whatever I do.


In the past year, it was my goal to churn out regular content. While I pretty much did so (with an average of 2-3 postings per day) on Instagram, I have failed my blog and pretty much neglected my YouTube Channel. Creating content is truly my passion and there is really just so much in my head and on my mind that I want to write about and share with you guys (from my bed time routine, to my thoughts about getting married, to my favourite lipstick colours, to simple breakfast recipes, and to my favourite lazy-day outfits) but I guess work and life (for the lack of a better word) has pretty much taken over. Some clients/friends/followers say that they’re amazed at how much I do/accomplish and wonder how I do all that within 24 hours in a day but honestly, I still feel like it is not enough.
This year, with the help of my amazing team, I am making it a personal goal to create MORE ORGANIC content, so you can expect regular updates on my blog and all other channels regularly.
Additionally, I started another company last year where we’ve been operating like a production house and taken on some clients to create content for them for their own social pages. We’ve taken campaigns for hotels, managed instagram pages and provided visuals for brands, restaurants and more. I think it might only get busier this year and I am looking to expand my team!


Honestly, getting our new home has proven some serious inertia for any travels or opportunity to get out. We love being at home so much that we choose home > any place else. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world and accumulating all the wonderful and most beautiful experiences in 2017, it is always a tough moment when we return back to all the work that has accumulated. This year, I hope to be able to better manage my time with a good balance of work & travels. It’s only in January but we already have 3-4 trips lined up in the first quarter.
More than anything else, I hope my travels will take me back to New York City this year. I miss the city with all my heart and I’m yearning so much to be back.
James and I have also made a list of NEW PLACES that we want to visit and hopefully we’ll be able to share them with you as inspiration when planning your own bucket list. We’re doing some serious research so I hope they pay off some way or some how!


There is nothing more fulfilling to me than making my loved ones happy. This year I hope to make it a point to better understand their needs, quirks and aspirations by being a better listener and friend to my family and friends.

Let’s stay in touch and keep connected. This year especially, I want to get to know you a lot better! I’ll be back with more updates soon! Till then, have a great one!

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  1. Yellowtravelingboots
    07 Jan 2018 @ 12:13 am

    Looking forward to your blog contents Mel! It is very empowering how a woman like you can be a great source of inspiration to many.

    As to your bucket list, recommending Lapland in Finland with a great chance of seeing the mesmerizing northern lights. Maybe you can get some visual inspiration here:

    All the best to you and James!

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