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Nihon Food Street at Millenia Walk

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“Which cuisine would you choose if you had to eat only that cuisine forever?”

That’s probably one of the hardest first world questions to answer. However, if I really had to choose one, I would definitely consider “Japanese” as one of my top few choices given how much I enjoy Japanese food.

Enter stage left: Nihon Food Street!

A cluster of restaurants, found on level 2 of Millenia Walk shopping mall, that serves a wide range of delicious Japanese cuisine, from a delicious bowl of Ramen, to quality freshly-flown-in sushi and sashimi, to a tantalizing bowl of gyu don, to hot piping gyozas, to shabu shabu’s, to tonkatsu … You name it, they probably have it!

I love that Millenia Walk’s Nihon Food Street not only serves as a one-stop place to satisfy your Japanese food cravings but also gives you a really authentic experience with the custom-made lanterns and hand-painted Japanese pictograms as you take a stroll down the lane surveying which style of Japanese cooking to sink your teeth into. This place is undoubtedly my favourite to-go for Japanese food as it houses some of the best restaurants that I will traveled a mile for. I’m sure you must have seen insta-stories of me dining at a couple of restaurants like Sushi Murasaki and Tomi Sushi. But let me tantalize your taste bud with a comprehensive list of all the amazing restaurants.

Kurama Robatayaki and Yoi Sake Bar offers robatayaki – the Japanese style of food preparation that allows for interaction between the chefs and the guests, as chefs grill the selection of seafood, vegetables and more. We were most impressed with how the chefs managed to make the simplest-looking of dishes taste so exquisite. For example, the Japanese tomato and roasted garlic dishes were mind-blowing and left us craving for more.

A dish worth a mention is the Tsukune (right)- made up of a mixture of minced chicken with hidden chopped-up soft bones and drenched in a savoury sauce and raw egg yolk, a perfect combination of taste and textures! Kurama Robatayaki is the place to be if you want to fully immerse in an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Other Must-try Items: 

Japanese Tomato and Roasted Garlic Dishes ($16++)
Tsukune ($9++) 



Uma Uma is a casual izakaya restaurant and bar featuring Yakitori and Kushikatsu, with cocktails and drinks by Horse’s Mouth Bar and Hakata-styled Ramen from Uma Uma Ramen.

A brief background of Uma Uma Ramen: A ramen chain from Fukuoka Japan, established in 1953, its name a play on “umami”, and Singapore’s Forum The Shopping Mall Outlet is its first venture overseas.

We tried the Uma Uma Ramen ($16.00). The broth was extremely dense and creamy, great for people who love heavy and strong flavours. The Ramen alternative is Uma Uma’s signature dry ramen, the Mazesoba, lovingly created in Singapore, born out of our dry noodle obsession culture. I’d say it’s like a Japanese version of Bak Chor Mee.

Must Try Items: 

Uma Uma Ramen ($16++) 
Mazesoba ($17++)

Saboten is one of the largest Tonkatsu chains with over 500 stores worldwide, specialising in Katsu — pork katsu, chicken katsu, ebi katsu, katsu curry and katsu donburi. The katsu was definitely the star as it’s crispy exterior packed a crunch into the tender meat it enclosed. The breading of the cutlet was heavenly.

There is no doubt about the quality of their ingredients but I thought their emphasis to introduce a balanced meal is worth commending. Their set meals comes with chawanmushi, pickles, free-flow of chilled, crunchy and juicy cabbage, 100% Uonuma Koshihikari Rice imported from Japan (known as the highest grade in Japan) carrying an enticing aroma and creamy texture pairing perfectly with our tonkatsu, and finally a hot bowl of miso soup.

We had the pleasure of trying their signature Halibut Katsu, a fish Katsu, which was a refreshing and scrumptious change from the typically pork katsu at Japanese restaurants.

Must Try Items:

Loin Katsu Gozen (Medium – $20.50 ++, Large – $24.50++)
Pork Loin Katsu (Medium – $20.50++, Large – $24.50++)
Hunwari Tenderloin Katsu Don Gozen ($22.50++)
Mini Pork Tenderloin (2pcs) with Saboten special donburi sauce over rice ($22.50++)
Chicken Katsu (2pcs) with curry sauce over rice. ($18.50++)
Saboten Mix Set ($27++)

Chabuton is a prestigious ramen chain from Japan serving up a wide array of signature ramen created by its Michelin-starred chef, Yasuji Marizum, hailed as ‘King of Ramen’ from TV champion and TV Tokyo Station. Their broths are high quality, authentic and superior in taste, using only the freshest and best ingredients, all this while remaining pocket-friendly. Perfect for a meal on a rainy day especially with their spicy ramens with customisable “Hot-ness” level.

The 3 must-try dishes are:

Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90++)
Shoyu Zara Ramen ($13.50++)
Hitokuchi Gyoza ($6.50++)

This is my very first experience eating white curry and I may just be a convert cos “white curry” is the new “brown”. Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry  (天川北海道 ホワイトカレー) is the 1st Hokkaido White Curry in Singapore, serving exquisite creamy white curry from northern Japan with premium rice from Japan and truffle oil Chawanmushi. The curry is made from fresh milk imported from Hokkaido itself. The flavor is light, delectable and a perfect combination to the juicy Iberico pork patty or Crunchy Katsu. It leaves you craving for more.

Must try:

Premium Ebi fri with head Hokkaido White Curry Set 特上海老フライセット($16.80 Nett)
Juicy Iberico pork burger Hokkaido White Curry ジューシーハンバーグセット ($15.80 Nett)
Crunchy Chicken Katsu Hokkaido White Curry Set ザックサク鳥カツセット ($15.80 Nett)

Note: Each set comes with: Truffle oil Chawanmusi, Suyimono- Clear Soup(お吸い物)and FREE FLOW of vegetable pickles, suyimono and rice. Traditionally in Japan, normal restaurants serve Miso soup while upper-tier ones serve Suyimono, which has a light taste that pairs nicely with white curry. 

Tomi Sushi is a no-frills Japanese Sushi Bar/Restaurant where you can go back again and again if you’re looking to satisfy your sushi / sashimi cravings. When dining at Tomi Sushi, you are guaranteed the freshest fish and a satisfying meal. We ordered a wide assortment of sushi and sashimi, including the Tokusen Sashimi 8 kinds, and felt like we could eat non-stop and never get full because it was so delicious. Definitely worth trying is their Otoro and Chutoro sushi or sashimi which are rare to find in Singapore.

Tomi Sushi devotes to serving the best seasonal Niigata cuisine, in keeping with traditions established since 1954. Eating their sushi really brings back memories of the sushi and sashimi I had back in Tsukiji market, back in Tokyo. Niigata is blessed with some of the best sakes and numerous varieties of sea delicacies.

Must try items: 

Aburi Zanmai ($28++) 
Tokusen Sashimi 8 Kinds ($48++ for one person, $94++ for two persons, $140++ for three persons, $186++ for four persons)
Tokujyo Nigiri ($59++)
Tomi Nigiri ($49++)

This has got to be my all-time favourite go-to place for Omakase.

Murasaki (紫) is the Japanese word for the colour purple. The Chinese character 紫 is made up of 此 and系, which can be depicted as people coming over to Sushi Musaraki as strangers but leaving as friends, indulging good food and sake together. At Sushi Murasaki, one can only expect the freshest ingredients air flown thrice a week directly from Japan.

Just as the ingredients vary with the seasons in Japan, so does Sushi Murasaki’s menu. The Chefs pushes the boundaries of gastronomy beyond producing sustenance into consumable art.
Another key highlight at Sushi Muraski is the Omakase, where you essentially entrust your entire dining experience to the Chef.

In return, the Chef will present his finest ingredients and culinary creativity for your dining pleasure. Expect to be wowed by exotic delicacies and top-notch off-the-menu items – it is almost like having your own personal chef. The pinnacle of luxury dining, where freshness is unparalleled and attention to detail is unrivaled, only at Sushi Murasaki.

Some notable dishes from our recent Omakase experience ($180++) include Uni & Chopped Tuna Caviar, Sanma Fish, Lobster Tartare, Snow Crab Tempura, Shi Ma Aji Sushi (Great Amberjack), Sea Brim with Apple Vinegar Jelly, Prawn Aburi, Toro Toro Caviar and Uni!

Absolutely divine!

Well, that sums up this indulgently long food article about Millenia Walk’s (my latest stomping grounds) Nihon Food Street.

Head over to my instagram to join a giveaway courtesy of Millenia Walk and you’ll stand to walk away with a $100 dining voucher.

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