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Uniquely mine with NikeID


Getting me started on a work out/fitness routine is always tough as it requires a huge ton of commitment, time and determination. But there is just this one thing that helps me to get the ball rolling: NICE workout attire and NEW SHOES! I seriously adore wearing new shoes, especially running shoes, as there’s no need for any breaking into.

A NIKE parcel arrived a few days back and in it was my brand new pair of Nike Vapor Max iD and I had them on me immediately the day after. A week later, I am still head over heels this pair of shoes I customised using NIKEiD! If you wish to own a pair of kicks uniquely yours, then you’ve got to try NIKEiD.

I styled mine in an athletic look but you can pair Nikes with any style, really. NIKEiD boasts a wide range of designs – from the casual Air Force 1 and Cortez (my personal favourite) to Flyknit, Air Max 1 and Huarache for running, you’re bound to find a pair to your liking.

The process was relatively simple and straightforward – Choose a pair of shoes; and the areas available for customisation are listed on the side. I know my Nike Vapormax is major shoe envy, but what’s more enviable is the iD process shown in the areas (swoosh, tongue, etc) and unique colours that I specifically chose to make this pair mine. Different materials may also be offered (i.e. woven or canvas) for the shoe’s base! What more, you can add text or the logo graphic on the heel [mine says FLY! ;]]

I gathered inspiration from my own life and style in designing my shoes. You can also use your favourite colours or spark your creativity with designs from the iD inspiration section! Mine are white and red, the colours complement each other so well and might I say, it looks quite patriotic too.

I certainly enjoyed the process of shopping of NIKEiD and the best part about it is having a pair of Nikes that are uniquely mine and being able to wear my own creation. No more excuses to be lazy and time to hit the gym more often now.

Get your NIKEiD kicks here or keep track of new NIKEiD Releases here.

Go forth and unleash your creative juices

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