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Noah’s Full Moon Party

Dear, Diary

Noah turning 30 days old also marked the end of my confinement and we celebrated this little milestone amongst our nearest and dearest. Baby’s first month has been a whole new journey for all of us as a family, and every single day is such a blessing and never once taken for granted. 


In traditional Chinese customs, this milestone is worth a big celebration, as in the past, newborns hardly made it past the 30-day mark. Some families were even reluctant to announce their baby’s birth until he or she made it to the full month, in case of jinxing it. 

We celebrated this occasion by keeping to some simple traditions like sharing a box of goodies from Choz which included red eggs and ang ku kueh’s. The rest of it, however, had a modern take. The party was themed “Over the Moon” (because that was exactly how we were feeling). We catered a line up of a scrumptious buffet spread from Amara Sanctuary Hotel, prepared a dessert table that served some delectable cakes and sweets and we ended the night with a gorgeous tiered cake that complemented our theme so perfectly. 

Dreams and doodles styled our dessert table with photos of Noah that we captured during his first month, many of them mini-milestones, such as his first bath and newborn photoshoot with Picturewithlove.

I absolutely loved looking at those pictures because each of them reminded me of my precious moments with Noah. I still can’t wrap my head around how quickly the 30 days have past. 

On the tables, we had personalised name cards for each and every family member and an empty card for them to write in their wishes for Baby Noah. These cards will be kept for him to read when he grows big. 

We are filled with so much gratitude for all the help and support we’ve received from friends and family when caring for Noah, including and perhaps most importantly Auntie Siew Fong, my confinement nanny who was with us, guiding us and caring for Noah throughout the entire 30 day journey.

Happy Full Moon, my beautiful first-born son, and welcome to this family! We love you so much. 

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  1. Shannon
    24 Jul 2019 @ 4:44 pm

    Very well done and blissful! Congrats!

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