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Decorating and putting together a baby nursery was our mini project starting the year in 2019. James and I take a lot of pride in our home interior and having a beautiful nursery that we would be proud of was no exception.

This nursery had always been on the top of our minds and the first thing we’d want to do or think about whenever we had any free head space. I started pinning all my favourite inspos almost immediately since finding out I was pregnant.

Of course, the whole process took a lot longer than we had expected because we also took some time to clear our existing stuff in the room. The room which we converted to Baby Noah’s nursery, was originally our home office.

We hand picked each and every single piece of furniture and decor items from almost all over the world. We wanted the space to be bright, somewhat gender-neutral (even though I think I’ll update it if baby #2 comes along the way in the very distant future), and more importantly, a space that would be conducive for him to grow up in, associate with and learn in. We went with moveable pieces of furniture so that it would be easy to make switches and adjustments along the way, with him growing up. 

I picked my main nursery furniture from Mothercare as I found that they were a one-stop-shop for almost all my furniture requirements.  The big furniture piece in the room is a 6 block shelf storage which I purchased from Ikea largely for storage needs as well as baskets to hide the mess of my day-to-day utilities for easy reach (like wet wipes, tissue, breast pads etc!).

We placed some baskets around for more storage (i.e. his soft toys, laundry, blankets etc).
These baskets were purchased in Bali during a recent trip there!

As for wall decor, we bought Noah some book shelves from Ikea to cultivate his love for books and reading. I thought it was extremely appropriate to drill these shelves right above my nursing chair. That has now turned into a private little bonding corner for us.

As a final touch, I had urban lil’ customise a sign “Once Upon A Time” that we mounted right above the shelves for a whimsical finish.

Other details in the room include a custom hanging rack which was made by my ex-office neighbour, Triple Eyelid. So thankful for this as Noah has an abundance of clothes and they can’t fit inside his changing table unit. I’ve decided to hang his going out, dressy pieces on the rack, and fold/roll his daily wear in the drawer. 

My mom also ordered a beautiful hand-made crib mobile from ETSY as we couldn’t find anything appropriate / aesthetically pleasing back in Singapore. I found most of them to be too striking in colour that would steal away from the room.

The wall across the wallpaper felt a little bare to me, so I ordered some wall decor items from the states to dress it up. I feel like that wall isn’t up to perfection yet and is still a work in progress. I’ll probably be updating it in time to come.

Adjacent to the feature wall, I decided to install a full bottom-to-ceiling wall paper from Hello Circus! While I didn’t want his room to be entirely themed, I felt very inclined to go with subtle safari details. After all, I was naming my little boy, Noah (referencing Noah’s Ark in the Old Testament). 

I was looking high and low for a wall paper with small repeated details throughout the wall as I wanted something that would look like an overall design/pattern rather than just a deliberate print of safari animals. I also opted for something monochrome, so that it could perfectly complement the feature wall. 

I got my crib from Stokke which can be expanded as he grows, eventually turning into a day bed. This felt like a pretty good investment, given it’s long runway. 

I thought an oval furniture piece would add a nice bit of contrast to everything else in the room which were more angular.

I got a changing table unit from Mothercare that I fell in love with at first sight. The white finishes and brown wooden knobs and top counter were perfectly matching to the aesthetics of my room. It’s classic, basic and can be used over a long period of item even as Noah grows up. I used the top drawer for his diapers and diaper changing needs and the middle and lower drawers for his clothes and swaddles, respectively. I bought drawer organisers from Ikea to help me keep things organised and orderly. Keeping things organised go a long way, especially when I need to change him quickly.

While I was into very neutral colour palettes that would match the rest of my home interior, I decided to add a pop of colour on a feature wall. We went with a very subtle shade of green, to match my love for things that are natural and pleasing to the eye (like plants)! On the feature wall, I purchased some cute little hand-drawn prints from an artist on Etsy, got them printed at a local print shop and framed them up with a light wooden frame from Ikea. 

To tie in everything together, we ordered a rug online from, which we chanced upon. It was a really lucky find as the colours and patterned matched really well with what I had in mind.  We also added an artificial plant as a final touch to the room.

Noah’s room turned out to be exactly how I had imagined and planned. We shot a lot of these pictures when Noah was still in my tummy, but re-did the shoot again when he was born as we made some final adjustments to it after figuring out what worked and what didn’t. This is definitely a dream come true! 🙂 

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