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Style Diary: What I Wore In NYC


When in NYC, dress up, dress down and just dress according to your mood. It seems like I’m always putting in extra effort into styling my outfits when in New York because I’m usually there to attend fashion week, events or parties. Dressing during fashion week in winter is not easy. The weather in winter is extremely harsh and erratic. One day could be beautiful and sunny (even though chilly) while the next could be hailing and nasty. Read on to learn about the various outfits I wore and how I layered them to keep warm! 

While looking stylish was important, I was 6 months pregnant during my last visit, so keeping warm and comfortable was my top priority. For fellow mummies-to-be looking for some inspiration on how to dress the bump in winter, I hope my outfit combinations will help you! 

GET STATEMENT COATS! The one and most easy way to look effortlessly stylish is to bring along with you a big over-sized statement coat that is far from basic. While this may add to your luggage weight and volume, if you’re intending to go all out and be “fashunnn”, this is the best and most fail-proof way to go. Honestly, the inner wear can always be repeated and I will recommend sticking to some basics that can be re-styled with various outfits but coats are the absolute one investment that will help you to change up your overall look. Besides, it is so freezing cold that you’ll hardly take off your outer wear. I paired a sweet embroidery one, with a neutral turtle neck top (that I re-wore over a couple of occasions) and a pastel purple skirt to keep the color palette light, sweet and fun! Big coats give you a lot of room for layers inside. Under my turtle neck top and skirt were my heat-tech inner wear (two layers of it) from Uniqlo. 

This look was styled on the very first night I touched down in New York. It was my full look from LIE as I was headed to attend their show. I felt the least adequately dressed for the cold with this look, and I wish I had layered on more as I was freezing while waiting in line to get in. Thankfully, we didn’t have to walk much– only from our hotel lobby to the cab, and out of the cab to the show venue. Nonetheless, I really love the styling of the subtle lime green with a really chic panelled checkered trench coat. The white slit pants were a  perfect compliment because it was very flattering and slimming  I completed the styling with some simple hair accessories. I’d consider this look again for fall/spring but definitely not winter. 

This has got to be one of my favourites sets shot at Staple Street! I decided to layer different prints of plaid and keep to similar colour tones so the look comes together. To add a pop to the entire outfit, I went for a more flamboyant and statement top with a bow neck tie for a vintage flair! I threw on an oversized blazer to keep warm and to add some fun layering to the entire look. The layered skirt I am wearing is quite the perfect way to hide the baby bump. This look actually kept me quite warm as I had 2 layers of inner wear under it all. A little tip is to throw on a pair of long boots under your skirt to hide the leggings. Don’t forget your gloves too! 

I decided to go on a full-on knitted look. This was worn on a slightly warmer day. I paired this vertical striped pants for some optical leg elongation with a striking red knitted top in a gorgeous sparkly fabric! Knits are very figure-flattering and accommodating to my expanding belly. I threw on an oversized checkered blazer to complete the look and styled it with ankle boots, hair accessories and my all-time favourite coach bag.  

Everyone needs a denim dress in their wardrobe and this maxi version is not only a staple but a perfect addition to my winter closet. It is easy to wear, easy to style and definitely very versatile. I wore this on my off-day in New York when James and I just went around exploring Brooklyn and had no obligations/shows to attend. I paired it with white casual sneakers for absolute comfort, wore my usual double layered heat tech inner wear and threw over a big jacket with fur lining to keep as warm as possible. 

I was so excited that the weather was warming up as it gave me the opportunity to put on this beautiful dress dress that I was “saving” for a date night with James. This elegant dress is perfect from day to night! I wore it with tall boots to keep my legs warm and brought along my outerwear just in case. Thankfully, the weather stayed above 12 degrees C for the entire day and I could do without a jacket. I even exclaimed that it felt like “summer” as the days prior to this were sub zero.
I accessorised this look with a baker boy hat and some statement earrings and watch. 

Red is definitely a go-to colour for extroverts and fashionistas looking to make a bold statement. Going full-on red is completely on-trend and undoubtedly incredibly stylish. I decided to style my red look with black as it was a safe complement. This red top/dress is the perfect styling piece for a baby bump as it flares up from the middle. I wore my inner wear under the look and doubled it up with a black maternity legging from Uniqlo. Additionally, I completed it with accessories from Tiffany and Co’s Tiffany T collection. A perfect set as we took a romantic and casual stroll at Central Park on Valentine’s Day. 

That’s a wrap to my NYC outfit diary! Let me know which outfit was your favourite! 

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